Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 3


 Last day at school today, Tuesday 20th July.


A big thank you to you all for all your kind comments, cards and gifts. we have been thoroughly spoilt. Thank you.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy summer holiday and hope that you have lots of  fun and exciting events planned.

We would also ask you to take extra care in keeping safe.

We will see you back in school on Monday 7th September fully rested and ready

to start Year 4.


We will miss you

Take care

Mrs Barber, Mrs Long and Mrs Oliver





Class 3 are having their end of year party on Monday 20th July.

The children can wear their party clothes all day at school (No uniform).

Thank you very much for helping your child to bring in some food for our party, it is greatly appreciated.

I am sure Class 3 will have a great time. 

The children will need to bring a big strong bag into school on Monday so that they can take home their books. All PE kits were  taken home on Friday.

We have collected in the children's reading books and any library books which your child has taken home. If you still have any books at home please return them to school on Monday or Tuesday. Thank you. 

    Class 3 Brilliance    


    Question of the week    

Congratulations to Ronnie for answering the question of the week correctly. 

Osteology is the study of bones.



    Pen licence    

Congratulations to  Adam, George,  Joshua and Lucas who gained their pen licence this week.

Well done boys you have been trying very hard with your writing.


Congratulation to the children below for being this weeks five most active children on Sumdog.

Adam      316 questions

Eloise      147 questions

Dylan C      88 questions

Melissa      80 questions

Dylan S      78 questions

Congratulations to all the children from Class 3 who received their 100% attendance certificates today. You are very healthy stars! Well done.


Today the children had great fun reading and acting out one of the parables of Jesus.

They chose from The Good Samaritan, The Lost sheep, The Lost Son and The Parable of the Sower. Well done to all of you for some great performances.

The Good Samaritan Part One - Bella, Eloise, Elvy & Jasmine

Still image for this video

The Good Samaritan Part Two - Bella, Eloise, Elvy & Jasmine.wmv

Still image for this video

The Lost Sheep-Courtney, Daisy, Jamie & Nikki.wmv

Still image for this video

The Good Samaritan Part One - Freddie, Jack D, megan & Phoebe.wmv

Still image for this video

The Good Samaritan Part Two - Freddie, Jack D, megan & Phoebe.wmv

Still image for this video

The Good Samaritan - Harry, Max F, Max H & Trinity

Still image for this video

    Tennis Superstars    


On Saturday Megan and Max H took part in the Rayleigh schools tennis tournament at Rayleigh Lawn Tennis Club.

Megan came 3rd in the whole competition, winning all her games except for the semi final which she lost to Ruby.

Max H came 6th in the whole competition and like Megan lost in the semi finals.

Congratulations to both of you for taking part and for reaching the semi finals.



    Question of the Week    


    What is osteology?    

Answers, written on a piece of paper, to be handed into Mrs Barber by Friday morning for DoJo points.

    Dates for your diaries    

  Monday 13th July - 3.30-5.00pm - Open school for parents  

                              * Wednesday 15th July - Spelling test (instead of Thursday) *                       

Wednesday 15th July - Last swimming lesson

Monday 20th July - Year 3 end of year party 

Tuesday 21st July - Last day in Year 3

Wednesday 22nd July - Summer holidays begin.



    Class 3 Brilliance    

Well done to the top 5 most active students this week.

Bella      367 questions

Bobby      420 questions

Ella      374 questions

Eloise      332 questions

Trinity      358 questions

    Pen Licence    

Congratulations to Jack D for receiving his pen licence.

Well done, you have been working hard for this Jack.

    Science - skeletons    

In science the children investigated bones in the human body by feeling their own body and finding as many bones as they could. We then compared the size of the bones drawn to a diagram of a skeleton to see how accurate the children's investigations had been. The children then cut out  bones and tried to assemble them as a  human skeleton. They then labelled all the different bones.  It was a bit tricky, can you spot where some of the bones didn't quite make it into the correct places? We discussed the scientific names  for the bones too.

    Tennis Tournament    

On Thursday the children took part in the Rayleigh Tennis Tournament.

The children really enjoyed the event and began to learn some new tennis skills. 

Trinity and Imogen

Still image for this video

Harry and Max H

Still image for this video

Lucas and Dylan C

Still image for this video

Joshua and Lyndon

Still image for this video

Winners of the Rayleigh Tennis Tournament were Max H and Megan who will be playing in a tennis tournament with other schools at the weekend.



   Thank You    

Thank you to all of the parents that attended our End of Year Celebration assembly.

The children enjoyed sharing their brilliance with you.

End of year Celebration Assembly

Class 3 will be holding their End of Year Celebration Assembly on Wednesday at 2.30pm.

All are welcome.

There will also be an opportunity for you to meet your child's new teacher on

Monday 13th July from 3.15-5.00pm

    Meet the teacher    

The children visited their new classes today and had a great time. Next year they will be in Class 4 and will be taught by Ms Fagence and Mrs Harris.  Mr Baker and Mrs Long will be the class LSA's.

Well done to the five most active children on Sumdog this week.

Bobby        139 questions

Dylan C      138 questions

Melissa      103 questions

Max H      86 questions

Ella           71 questions



What an achievement, Class 3 won the Brilliance cup with Class 4

Well done everyone, a fantastic effort.





Today we have been learning about different parts of our body. We played Simon says (in French) and then worked in pairs to revise the names of the body.



Well done to Dylan who took part in the B team Festival at Deanes school on Monday.




Water bottles & Sun hats

Please remember your water bottles this week as it is going to be very hot and you will need to drink more. It would also be a good idea to bring in sun hats with your names written on them.



    Class 3 Brilliance    


Table of the week

Well done to Elephants for winning the table of the week for last week.

Bobby, Callum, George, Jack D, Joshua, Nikki


Well done to the following children for being the top 5 most active students in the class.

Dylan C, Ella, Harry, Max H and Ronnie



    Sports Day    

What a brilliant day we had!  Class 3 all tried their best and I was very proud of their efforts and behaviour. smiley 

    Arithmetic Amigos    

This week we tried to make 12 on every side of the square by using the numbers 1-8.    We found this a bit tricky! Look at the concentration on our faces as we try to solve the puzzle.




   Sports Day    

Thursday is Sports Day so remember to bring your t-shirt. Your family can join you for a picnic lunch on the field at 12.00 and our Sports Day will begin straight after lunch. Good luck everyone.

    Journey to school    

Please could you note down the time you leave home and the time you arrive at school and bring in for Wednesday. This week we are learning about time and time intervals so we will be using this information in our maths lesson.

    Egyptian Neck Collar    

We researched Egyptian neck collars to find out what they looked like, what they were made from and what colours they would have used. Then we designed our own neck collar and planned the materials we would need to make it. We then made our neck collar and evaluated the design.

    Rayleigh in Bloom    

Well done to Ella and Courtney who helped Rayleigh Town Council  plant flowers in the garden in front of Rayleigh Library. Well done girls!


    Class 3 Brilliance     

Week beginning 15-6-15

Well done to the  five most active children on Sumdog this week

Ella       1186 questions

Max F     1170 questions

Trinity     1157 questions

Dylan C     1136 questions

Callum     1001 questions


    Pen Licence    


Congratulations to Bella for earning her pen licence     


    District Sports    


Congratulations to all the children that took part in the District Sports on Friday.

You all made us very proud of your excellent behaviour and all the effort you put into your races. Well done!

Max F, Lucas, Bella and Phoebe took part in the Sprint race.

They ran two races. In the first race they finished in the following positions:

Max  2nd, Lucas 5th, Bella 3rd and Phoebe 1st. In the second race Phoebe came 3rd and received a Bronze medal.

Megan, Phoebe, Jasmine and Trinity took part in the girls Relay race. 

Well done to you all, finishing in 1st place and receiving a Gold medal each.


Jamie, Max F, Lucas and Bobby tool part in the boys Relay race.

Well done to you all, finishing in 3rd  place and receiving a Bronze medal each.


Megan, Max H, Daisy and Dylan C took part in the Reserve Relay race.

Well done to you all, finishing in 4th  place .


Essex Sumdog  competition is now over and Class 3 finished in 17th place.

(Out of 180 schools & over 1500 children)

Class 3 were also a Daily Winner on Tuesday, this means we were the class that scored the highest for the day. 


Congratulations to  Dylan C, Ella, Max F and Trinity for completing 1000 questions and also to Callum for completing 960 questions in the Essex competition.

Well done Class 3 and thank you to everyone that played.

You were brilliant!


Wow! What a lot of Brilliance you have shown this week Class 3. I am so proud of you.






In our science lessons this week we have been learning about skeletons. We found out that animals have different kinds of skeletons called endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydroskeletons. We learnt that humans have endoskeletons. We looked around the school grounds to see if we could find animals with these different skeletons.

Can you identify which skeletons the animals in our slideshow have?

Today Stuart from the Essex Fire Education service visited our school and talked to us about safety in the home and road safety. Thank you Stuart for a very interesting talk and for helping us to understand how we can keep ourselves safe. He also taught us how to test our smoke alarms and said we could contact the service if we did not have a smoke alarm in our home.


    Sports Day    

Sports Day will be on Thursday 25th June.  KS2 events will take place in the afternoon.

Today the children were put into their groups for Sports Day. Please could the children bring  a t-shirt, for their group colour, to school by Wednesday 24th June.

Red Group:

Lucas, George, Bobby, Lyndon, Dylan S, Callum, Phoebe, Ella, Trinity, Eloise,

Blue Group:

Max F, Ronnie, Harry, Joshua, Max H, Jack D, Bella, Melissa, Daisy, Nikki,

White Group:

Dylan C, Adam, Jamie, Jack W, Nathan, Freddie, Oliver, Jasmine, Courtney, Elvy, Imogen, Megan.


There is an Essex competition on Sumdog this week so please play on Sumdog as much as you can.    Can Class 3 win the  certificate? 

    Fair Trade    

Class 3 have been learning about Fair Trade. Look at what we have found out.


   Class 3 Brilliance   

Week beginning 8-6-15

We made it - Pen Licence   


Well done to Callum, Dylan S, Ella, Eloise, Elvy, Imogen and  Lyndon.

You have all worked so hard to improve your handwriting and ensure that you write neatly and join all your letters for all your work. Well done!

Well done to the five most active children on Sumdog this week

Eloise      156 questions

Dylan C      109 questions

Ella      87 questions

Dylan S      44 questions

Max H      43 questions

   Class 3 Brilliance   

Week beginning 1-6-15

Winners of the Brilliance Cup

What a great end to a fantastic week! Well done Class 3 you worked very hard to win the Brilliance Cup I am so proud of you.


We made it - Pen Licence  


Well done to Harry, Jack W, Jasmine, Max F, Megan, Melissa, Ronnie and Trinity.

You have all worked so hard to improve your handwriting and ensure that you write neatly and join all your letters for all your work. Well done!


Our five most active children on  Sumdog this week

Ella          211 questions

Bobby        143 questions

Bella        84 questions

Megan        45 questions

Max H        33 questions


Julian Opie

Today we looked at the work of Julian Opie and noted how he created body shapes.

We then created our own body shapes with a partner and then drew around each other using Julian Opie's style of simple lines. Look at our pictures below.


Then we returned to the classroom and drew our partner using Julian Opie's simple lines.

We found out that Julian often detaches the head from the body in his work so we tried to imitate this in our own drawings.

Welcome back to school

We hope you all had a great Half term holiday with lots of fun and relaxation. 

We are looking forward to seeing all your brilliance, Class 3, for Summer 2.


Just a quick reminder that we have swimming on Wednesday so please remember your swimming things, especially the  crocs/deck shoes to walk down to the pool.


Please could you make sure that the children's clothes are labelled with their names as we are finding children's clothes all over the school but without a name cannot return them to their owners. 


In Science we are looking at nutrition for animals including humans and we are learning about the types of nutrients e.g. Protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamins, fibre and water, and what we need these  nutrients for. The children are comparing what we eat and what other animals eat so if you have a pet could you please save any wrappers from their food ( or a copy of the nutrition panel from the packet) for the children to look at.

Thank you. 

     Half term holiday     

Now the half term holiday is here have a rest and enjoy yourselves but most importantly stay safe. We look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 2nd June. ( Monday 1st June is a Teacher training day - non pupil day).


Today we said goodbye to Elvy and wished her luck in her new school. 

We will miss you Elvy.

    Class 3 Brilliance    

Well done to the following children who have been the most active on Sumdog this week

Dylan C     389 questions

Ella     339 questions

Joshua     95 questions

Bobby     89 questions

Dylan S     75 questions


Congratulations also to the whole of Class 3 who received five smileys, three of which were earned on Friday. Brilliant Class 3.

Our final day of Wyburns at the Movies    

Today we looked at different advertisements and discussed why they were effective. We then created our own advertisements for the chocolate bars we invented at the beginning of the week.

This is one of the children's advertisements. It is amazing to see what an affect a Wonka Bar has on mum!

Wonka Bar Advertisement

Still image for this video
What a great week we had at the movies, well done to you all for your enthusiasm and brilliant learning. It has been great fun!

    Thursday - Charlie asked for help today    

Today Charlie told us that he wanted to suggest some new sweets to Willy Wonka but first he wanted our help to test the recipes. Class 3, as you can imagine, were very keen to help!

We divided the class into four groups and  followed the instructions carefully to make chocolate  

chocolate fudge   

chocolate truffles   

 and snowball sweets. 

Below are photographs of us in action!


    Taste testing    

Then came the time to taste test the sweet we had made and evaluate it. After this we could not resist trying the other groups sweets too - for evaluation purposes!

Some of us were very enthusiastic hence the evidence on noses and mouths.



Today the Oompa-Loompas needed help to sort the sweets in Willy Wonkas factory.

The children looked at a tube of smarties and answered questions such as:

How many smarties do you estimate are in the tube and how many of each colour?

Does everyone in the class have the same number in their tube of smarties? Why/why not?

After estimating the children then emptied their tubes and counted the smarties. This data was recorded and some children drew a graph to present their data. 

The children worked out what fraction of the smarties were each colour and some children converted this to a percentage and looked at the probability of choosing a particular colour from their tube of smarties.

    Maths at the Movies    

On Tuesday Class 3 went into the hall for Maths at the Movies. Year 6 were there to help us to carry out different maths activities at stalls arranged around the hall. We all had a great time and a big thank you to year 6 for helping us. 


  Wyburns Movie Week Start   

The children started Wyburns  Movie Week by watching the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

   Willy Wonka asked the children for help

Willy Wonka asked the children to invent a new sweet for him to make in his factory. He wanted the sweet to have a good name, a description of what the sweet looked and tasted like and to have attractive packaging. The children drew a design for their packaging and then looked at what shape it would be, what the net would look like and on what faces they would write the name of their sweet on.  Class 3 then made and evaluated their designs.

   Watch this space for details of our fun packed learning     

during 'Wyburns at the Movies' week.


This weeks swimming lesson was a very different experience to last week. The sun was shinning brightly and the children all had a great time. Look at our photos below.


Class 3 shows their brilliance.


Well done to Orange table for winning the Table award cup for the last two weeks.


​Congratulations to Class 3 for receiving the certificate for 100% attendance.



 Top five most active students this week.

Dylan C     1129 questions

Ella S     940 questions

Dylan S     307 questions

Lucas     144 questions

Nathan     134 questions


Keep up the brilliance Class 3!


   Castle Home Learning Projects   

The children have worked very hard to produce their Castle games and Castle Information texts in the form of brochures, reports and presentations. Well done to you all. smiley



Class 3 had their first swimming lesson on Wednesday. They were very excited to be going out of school as a class and to swim in an outdoor pool. Despite it being  a bit windy, and a couple of floats blowing around, the children had great fun and are looking forward to next weeks lesson.

Just a reminder that all earrings need to be removed for swimming and that the children need shoes (other than their school shoes e.g. crocs or similar) to walk from the changing rooms down to the pool.

Well done to the boys for being the first changed and ready for their swim and to the  girls for being the first to be dressed and ready for the coach back to school.  smiley

    Well done to our tennis stars   

Well done to Trinity and Megan who represented Year 3 in a recent Tennis tournament.

They won all of their  games.   At the end of the tournament,  for Year 3 and 4,  Wyburns came 6th overall.






Top five most active children on Sumdog this week:

George        735 questions answered

Joshua     497 questions answered

Bobby     473 questions answered

Trinity    364 questions answered

Dylan S     267 questions answered


   Thank you    

Thank you for supporting Class 3 and their Brilliance assembly on Friday.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and coming up with all of the ideas to show you. We hope you enjoyed celebrating their brilliance as much as we did. 


A few reminders:

Spellings will be on Wednesday this week as the school is closed on Thursday for Polling Day.

Swimming starts this Wednesday so please remember to sign the permission slip before the day.  The children will need:

                           suitable swimwear (girls one piece, boys no baggy shorts)

                           a swimming hat for all pupils


                          deck shoes/ crocs (no flip flops but old trainers are fine)

                           waterproof coat.

See letter below for more details

PE - PE lessons are normally on a Tuesday but children should have their PE kit available in school at all times. If a PE kit is worn for a club after school it should be brought back into school the next day. Please note that earrings MUST be taken out by the children (or removed at home) when taking part in sport at school. We can only use tape if it is within the six week period of having them pierced.


Top five most active children on Sumdog this week:

George        743 questions answered

Bobby     486 questions answered

Trinity     446 questions answered

Joshua     423 questions answered

Bella     327 questions answered


Summer Curriculum Overview

    Well done Class 3     

Winners of the Brilliance cup

I am so proud of you Class 3 you tried so hard to collect the smiley faces to win this award. You have shown everyone that you can be the best class,  keep it up class 3.



 Top five most active children on Sumdog this week:

    Dylan C     532 questions answered

Courtney      273 questions answered

     Bobby     162 questions answered

   Nathan     136 questions answered

    Eloise      128 questions answered


                  Sumdog is now available as a free android app for:       

                               Kindle Fire HD6, Nexus 7 2013 and Hudl 2


        Question of the Week     

Summer 1

 In this weeks science lesson we proved that water was transported up the stem of  plants and into the leaves and flowers.


                  What is another name for the  tubes that transport  water                                                            in the stem to the leaves and flowers?     


Answers to the Question of the week to be written on a piece of paper and handed to

Mrs Barber by Friday 1st May.


     Diary Dates      

Friday 1st May : Class 3 Celebration of Brilliance 9.10

Wednesday 6th May: Swimming lessons start

Thursday 7th May: School closed (Polling station)

    Danny Lawrence    

Wednesday 23rd April 2015

 Today, we were very lucky that GB International gymnast Danny Lawrence visited Wyburns school.  He has made over forty British International appearances and competed at three European and Three world championships. Danny won a silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and was team England captain, leading the most successful Commonwealth Games for gymnastics so far.

Today the  children were split into groups and put through energetic exercise routines which the children all enjoyed but found exhausting! His visit was part of the 'Sports for Schools' project encouraging children to take up sports. Danny was assisted by Paul Reeves who helps run the scheme.

See us in action below, we were fantastic!

Danny told us that he started  gymnastics when he was nine years old and is still training and competing twenty years later. He talked about his career and answered questions from the children. This was followed by a stunning and impressive gymnastic display showing the children some of the skills he has had to learn.

Sponsorship money for the Danny Lawrence event is due back into school by Wednesday 29th April. Thank you.

    Science - Plants    

In science this week we investigated how  plants transport water.

We wanted to investigate how water was carried through a plant and find physical evidence that water travelled around the whole plant.

First we examined the celery and tulip under a magnifying glass.


 We put dye into some water and then put the celery and a tulip into this water to help us 'see' the transportation process happening.


We found that the celery and tulip in the blue dye showed the best results.

The flower petals changed colour and we could see the transportation tubes in the celery also changed to blue. We also noticed that the leaves had changed to a darker green and if we looked closely we could see blue spots/patches on the leaves too.


See our photographs below that show our evidence that water was transported in the stem to the flowers and the leaves.


We also looked at capillary action which is the process that plants use to pull water up from the ground.

    Colchester Castle    

Last Thursday Class 3 (and Class 4) went to visit Colchester Castle. We had a great time and found out lots of information about the Celts and the building of the castle. Look at  our pictures for an insight of our day.


Table of the week for this week is Gold Table. Well done for having your school partnership books in school everyday and for reading at home. You have also remembered your spelling and times tables books. Well done!


    Celtic Roundhouses    

Yesterday we researched information about Celtic roundhouses. Today we compared these houses to our own homes and drew a floor plan for a Celtic Roundhouse. This made us think about how different the lives of the Celtic people were in comparison to our own lives.

After this we watched a film showing how to build a Celtic Roundhouse and then we went outside to try our hand at building one. First we scoured the school grounds for suitable materials that we could use to build the roundhouse  and then we put these together. We found that it was not as easy as it looked on the film! Some of us took photographs and video clips of the different stages in our builds.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

 Welcome back 

Welcome back to school . We hope you all had a great Easter holiday with lots of fun and rest and that you are ready and eager to show your brilliance this term. It was lovely to see all of you looking very smart this morning in your uniforms. You even managed to keep those uniforms tidy for the whole day deserving the 'SMART' smiley  award in assembly at the end of the day. Well done Class 3, a good start to the new term. 

Just a quick reminder that we are going to have our spelling test on Wednesday this week and on Thursday we are off to Colchester Castle so remember your packed lunch as we shall be away all day.

Thank you to those of you who have started to bring in your holiday homework, watch out for photographs coming soon.

     Easter Holidays    

Well done Class 3 for working hard in our last week with three performances of our play Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies and for your excellent behaviour during Wyburns Got Talent. I am proud of you.

Just a quick reminder that we return to school on Monday 13th April, spelling test will be on Wednesday 15th April and our trip to Colchester Castle will be on Thursday 16th April (everyone will need a packed lunch for this day).

We wish you a lovely break with lots of rest so you  return to school full of energy, eager to learn and ready to complete your final term in year 3!

Happy Easter to you and your families.

Take care

Mrs Barber, Mrs Long and Mrs Oliver

P.S. I am sure you will not be eating too much chocolate!  

Sumdog's Housewarming contest is now over. This was a National contest and as a class we came 772nd. Three of our class  answered 1000 questions and were placed as follows on the National Leaderboard:

                                    Trinity    2085th

                                    Harry     3178th

                   Bella      3243rd        

A new Spring contest is now open from 27th March until the 2nd April. It would be great if we can beat our ranking of 772nd for this contest so please have a go and play.

So far six of our class have entered this competition, Bobby, Callum, Eloise, Harry, Imogen and Max F. At the moment Max F has answered all 1000 questions and is holding 62nd place, will he be beaten? Final results available here after 2nd April, watch this space.

Final results - Unfortunately we did not manage to achieve 10 children  playing in this competition to qualify as a class.

However, Max F finished the competition in 108th place. Well done Max. 


Congratulations to our three children who made it through to the final of

'Wyburns got talent'

Today the final took place and Class 3 claimed:

Joint 2nd place -  Elvy and Jasmine

3rd place - Callum

Congratulations to you all, you were so brave performing in front of the whole school.

Friends of Wyburns

   Easter Egg Raffle   

Congratulations to Elvy , Class three winner in the Easter Egg raffle. She was presented with her prize by the Friends of Wyburns in this mornings assembly.  

    School Councillors visit Town Hall    

Eloise and Callum represented our class when they visited the Town Hall  and spoke to the Town Clerk and Chairman of the town council. They asked  some wonderful questions and made us very proud. Well done!


Wow! What a lot of things we have to celebrate this week.

Keep up the good work Class 3, maybe we could get the BB cup next week!

Manners of the Week

Well done to Class 3 for winning the Manners of the Week certificate for good manners at lunchtimes. Keep it up Class 3!

Most active children on Sumdog:

Well done to the top five children in class 3:

Jack W   915 questions

Eloise    261 questions

Imogen    259 questions

Harry    218 questions

Oliver    158 questions

Remember you all have a 'house' now so play Sumdog to collect points to gain coins which you can spend on items for your house. 

Keep playing in the 'House warming competition' which closes on Thursday 26th March, see if Class 3 can be the winner this week.

Wyburns got talent auditions:

Well done to the following children who auditioned for Wyburns got Talent:


Max F and Jack W

George, Joshua and Daisy




Eloise, Bella, Imogen, Ronnie and Harry

Bobby and  Jack D

Freddie and Max H

Lyndon, Adam and Oliver

Melissa, Lamira, Ella and Phoebe

Lucas, Dylan C and Dylan S


After all the acts had auditioned the class voted for their favourite act.

The top three acts were:




These children now need to go away and  practise their acts and prepare their costumes ready for the final competition on Friday 27th March where the overall winner of Wyburns got Talent will be decided. 



Thank you to everyone who supported our eclipse event. Although it was cloudy it was a great experience. We followed up the event in the classroom by watching how the eclipse was seen in different parts of the UK on Sky live.



Video clip of the event

Still image for this video

Video clip of event

Still image for this video

The eclipse on Friday

Important times for the eclipse!

School gates open at 8.30am and whistle goes at 8.35am

The children will register and then be back out on the playground at 8.45am, weather permitting! If you cannot join us for the eclipse the children will remain with myself and

Mrs Long.  Please bring in a donation of £1 for a pair of eclipse glasses.

   Science afternoon with Class 8   

On Monday we had a great afternoon learning about mirrors and reflections with Class 8.

We worked in pairs and had two challenges to complete:

1. How could we see an object on top of a table if we were sitting under the table?


2. How could we see what was drawn on a 'post it' note stuck on our back?

First we drew a shape on the 'post it' note.    

We then stuck the 'post it' note to our partners back.


After that we tried to use the mirrors in different ways to see which was the best way to identify the shape on our back.




   Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies   

The children are busy preparing our production of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies. Please could you help your child to learn the song lyrics (this has been given as homework) and their lines if they have a speaking part.


Don't forget costumes, class 3 are all guards and will need striped socks and any shields/swords, a plain pale grey tunic/jumper loose if possible. Anything along these lines will be great but don't forget your stripy socks and tights. Please bring costumes into school from Monday 16th March.


There is a competition to design a drawing for the front cover of the programme. All entries must be in school by Monday 16th March.

Rescheduled I'm a parent workshop Wednesday 25th March


It was great to see all the children in disguise today, well done for all your efforts from costumes to face painting and dyed hair! You were fab!

Thank you for your donations in aid of Red Nose Day.

We had fun completing 'Spot the difference' and a wordsearch. Class 3  even designed our own red noses!  After this we compared our life with a nine year old girl called Ngosa, who lives in a city called Kitwe in Zambia.

You can meet her and learn all about her by taking part in the interactive story below (Just click on the following link).



Congratulations to Class 3 for your 100 % attendance certificate for last week.


Congratulations also to Class 3 for your good behaviour in PE with Mr. Baker and Mr. Hepburn. A certificate to be proud of Class 3!


Congratulations to Purple Table for winning the cup for table of the week.

   Well done Adam, Eloise, Imogen, Jasmine, Nathan, Ronnie and Trinity   

Who will be the best table next week?


Congratulations to the following children for being the most active on Sumdog last week.

Bella    1085 questions

Harry    592 questions

Oliver    326 questions

Joshua    207 questions

Nathan    200 questions

Essex competition now in progress, keep playing Sumdog can our class be one of the Daily winners?


Congratulations to Trinity for reading the most books so far on Read for my school.

Well done Trinity.

   Castle Maths   

Class 3 have had great fun taking part in our Castle Maths. The children have solved problems,  carried out mental calculations during our maths hunt in the school grounds and doubled and halved.

Chris and Sue Govus

As some of you may know, Chris and Sue are a much loved Christian couple who have been hosting assemblies for over 25 years!

Their passion and love of life is infectious; with exciting songs and clear messages it is no wonder the children enjoy their assemblies.

Unfortunately, Chris and Sue are retiring. As a thank you Wyburns will be composing a Good Luck book, where each class will be writing messages to say ‘Thank You’. The couple have been hosting assemblies for many years, with many parents remembering them when they were in school. If you would like to contribute to our Wyburns Book please pass messages to your class teacher no later than Tuesday 10th March.

Many Thanks

Miss Beasley


Class 3 had a great day on Thursday.

The children brought in their favourite book and we then shared these books with our Reading Buddies in Class 8.


All classes made a storybox which we shared with the school .

Can you guess which book our storybox was based on?

In our Big Write we pretended we were Paddington and we wrote a diary entry for one of his adventurous days. 


   Question of the week   

Week 7


   What is the difference between extinct, active and dormant volcanoes?   

             All answers to be written on a piece of paper  with your name written on and handed to Mrs Barber by Friday.


    Congratulations to Gold Table for winning the Best Table Award cup this week.

                                     Well done Bella,  Harry,  Lyndon and Max F.        


      Congratulations to our most active students

                          Trinity     607 questions

                          Eloise      199 questions

                          Harry      160 questions

                          Oliver      156 questions

                          Ella          150 questions

                          Daisy       148 questions      

                     Keep practicing, the next Essex competition starts on 13th March.                                                                                     


Well done to the children who represented our class for cross country.


Daisy 13th

Trinity 16th

Bobby 17th

Imogen 27th

Max H 29th

Harry 39th

Niki 44th

Eloise 45th

Adam 47th

Jasmine 52nd

Max F 53rd

Oliver  56th

World book day this Thursday 

Remember to bring in your favourite book and a photograph of yourself reading in an unusual place. (If you prefer you can email your photos to admin and mark for Mrs Barber's attention).

   Home Learning Projects   

On Friday the children showed their home learning projects to the class and explained how they were made. The children have worked very hard on these projects  and they are all so different and very tactile. What brilliance you have shown children, well done.  


Congratulations to Joshua who is our new representative on the class playground squad. Well done Joshua and keep up the enthusiasm.


Congratulations also to Gold table for winning the Best Table Award.

Bella,  Harry,  Lyndon, Max F


Which table will win the Table Award next week?


Class 3 won the Brilliance cup this week.

Well done everyone , you tried so hard to achieve this award and we are so proud of you.




Congratulations to the following children for being the most active players on Sumdog.

Eloise    583 questions answered

Max F    221  questions answered

Harry    213 questions answered

Oliver    112 questions answered

        Jack W    96 questions answered          

Keep practicing, the next Essex competition starts on 13th March.


Miss Naylor came into school today for our third recorder lesson. Today we composed our own tunes using the notes G A and B and then one person from each table was chosen to play the tune to the class.  We also played a tune by reading the bars of music. See us in action below.





On Wednesday Emma, a veterinary nurse from the PDSA came into school to talk to us about taking care of our pets.


She introduced us to the 'Pet Protectors' where you can learn about the work of the PDSA and play games. Below is a link to the website


It was lovely to see all the children back at school today and ready to learn after their holiday.  The children are beginning to return their home learning projects and they are impressive. Thank you. Photographs to follow soon. Watch this space!


   Congratulations to Eloise, Harry and Nathan the top three most active children


    Question of the week   

Week 6


   What is photosynthesis?  

Answers on a named piece of paper and in school by Friday.


Below are a few dates for your diaries:

Thursday 5th March - World Book Day  


Children to bring their favourite book to school and also a photograph of themselves reading in an unusual place. Who will win our competition?


 Coffee Morning Tuesday 10th March 9-10.00am 

Come along and listen to Richard Westermann, Educational Psychologist, talking about childhood development. Further details on flyer below.

Friday 13th March Red Nose Day    

'Going undercover!' A whole school dress-up/ theme day- Come in disguise!! Endless opportunities to use your imagination. As simple or as complex as you like!

£1 donation is asked towards the appeal.


        Monday 16th March - Class 3 Talk and Share 3.15-3.45

Come into school and the children will share their work with you.


   Week beginning 16th March Auditions for Wyburn's Got Talent


Auditions will be held in class this week. Sing, dance, play an instrument, tell jokes, hula... who will be our winners to go through to the final on Friday 27th March?


Tuesday 24th  and Wednesday 25th March Year 3/4/5 production

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies. Come and see our performance.



We hope you have a great holiday with lots of fun and rest.

See you back at school on Tuesday 24th February. 

  Sumdog and Read for my school 

Congratulations to the following children:

Last weeks top five most active students on Sumdog

Bella, Harry, Jamie, Oliver, Trinity

Top four children for number of books read on Read for my school

Eloise, Elvy, Freddie, Ronnie,

Some children have reported difficulty accessing the 'Read for my school' website. All children's log ins have been checked and are correct but we have been given the following guidance from Read for my school which might help you to access when at home.

'The website supports Internet Explorer 10 or 11 and the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.  We experience the fewest problems with Google Chrome.'



Congratulations to Harry,  Imogen and Phoebe who answered our question of the week correctly.   A  paleontologist  is a scientist who studies the the history of life e.g. looking at fossils of plants and animals.

Well done, a Dojo point for each of you. 

Look out for our next question when we return after half term. 

Friday's mysterious event

On Friday, just after the register, Mrs Sansom called us all to the hall. She told us about a mysterious event that had occurred on our school field. We went to have a look and found three giant footprints coming out of the woods.


We then returned to the hall and interviewed Mr. O'Donohue, Mrs Sansom and

Mrs Mitchell who had arrived at the school shortly after the mysterious event occurred.

After that we returned to the field to hunt for more clues to explain the appearance of the footprints.  We took photographs of what we found and then looked at them and discussed whether we thought it was evidence to help us explain our mysterious event.


The children spotted 24 hour security cameras on the top of Toad Hall Nursery's roof and decided that they were going to ask Mr O'Donohue to look at the tapes to see if he could find out anymore information about our mysterious event.


 The children then came back into the classroom and looked at the text features of a newspaper report.  For our whole school Big Write we wrote a newspaper report about the mysterious events of Friday morning. 

   The Rock Cycle   

In science this week we looked at the rock cycle. We pretended to be a 'rock' and  played a game where we visited different stations and threw a dice once we were there. The dice told us what happened to us whilst we were at the station and how we had been changed. We were then directed to the next station for our journey on the rock cycle. These are the stations we visited:


After visiting the stations we drew a comic strip explaining our journey and named the type of rock we had become. We had a great time on our adventure and produced some brilliant explanations of the events that took place  during our journey on the rock cycle.


Today, Safer Internet Day,  gave us the opportunity  to highlight the positive uses of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. This years theme was 'Let's create a better internet together'.


 Share a smile online for Safer Internet Day