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Home learning 29.04.22

reat work this week Class 2. 


Home learning is to write a review on the performance we watched this morning.  Jungle Book.


You can use the template or create your own.  What did you like/dislike about it?  What did you think of the characters, who was your favourite or least favourite?  How do you think the characters felt during the performance?  Why do you think this?


Maths - let's practice our time.  Here is a fun game for you to play.  Don't forget to select 12 hours, not 24 hours.  What level can you get up to?  What is your highest score? - if this link does not work - Type into google ( you have learned how to do this on our computer lessons) Top maths and search for time games. 


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. 


Team Class 2