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Home Learning 3.12.21

Shape! Recently, we have been investigating shape! You were all fantastic and so I would like for you to go on a shape hunt around your house/local area and see what shapes you can spot! These can be 2D or 3D shapes! For example, have you seen a sign in the shape of a triangle? A wardrobe in the shape of a cuboid?
You can either record videos of you explaining what the shapes of the objects are or you can just write a list. The choice is yours! I cannot wait to see what you find :)


I have attached some shape mats to help you. Please note, the 2D shapes we have mainly focussed on in Year 1 are circle, rectangle, triangle, oval and square. The 3D shapes we have mainly focussed on are pyramid, cone, cuboid, cube, cylinder and sphere. I have left the others in for you though if you wanted an OPTIONAL challenge!

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