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Welcome back - 4th September

Welcome back Year 2. We hope you have had a lovely summer break.  We can’t wait to see you all online tomorrow.


Today we would like you to work through these tasks:

English Task:  Create a diary entry or written report about your summer holidays.

Tell us what you did, where you went, what you enjoyed and why.

I've added some template sheets which you can use if you would like to.


For example:

My favourite part of the summer holidays was visiting the beach, eating an ice lolly and riding my bike to the park.  I really enjoyed visiting Southend beach where I built sandcastles, jumped over waves whilst listening to them crashing down.  As it was so hot I enjoyed eating a freezing cold ice lolly next to the beach!  My favourite lolly was lemonade flavour.  What was yours? 

I have been learning to ride my bike at the park.  I am now much more confident and have had lots of fun riding it!  My favourite bike ride was to Hadleigh park where I went over big hills, wobbly bumps and used the exciting dirt track.

Wow what a busy summer holidays I have had!


Maths Task: Counting challenge  - can you count to 100 forwards and backwards?  See how quickly you can do this.  Can you write down all of your numbers to 100.  I've added some resources which you can use to help you or you can record your answers on paper.

Challenge – Can you write the numbers in words to 100?


Reading: Please read a book of your choice then draw a picture or write about your favourite part.


After lunch, we are excited to learn more about you.


Afternoon Task: Create artwork all about you by telling us 4 things about you.  This could be a drawing, painting, collage or anything you like. You could even add some writing if you would like to.  Tell us as much as you can about 4 things that you like doing, places you like to visit, food you like to eat and anything else you would like to tell us.


Enjoy your activities and we look forward to seeing you all online tomorrow at 9.30am. 

The link will be on Google Classroom ready for you all.


Mrs Clark and Mrs Leigh