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Class 7

Homework - Due in 18 10 19

Local Author Visit - 19 10 19 - How Exciting

Another Busy Week Class 7

We have had another great week in class 7. We have finished our Explanation texts and are very proud of them. I have attached a few for you to look at but i am sure you will love seeing them when you come into Talk and Share next Tuesday (8.10.19). The class loved sharing them with Class 3 (photos to follow)


In Maths we worked so hard on trying crack multiplication. There is still work to do on multiplying three and four digit numbers by one and two digits. Keep focused in class and practice at home. I have set a new TT rockstar challenge so please go on and practice.


We worked hard on identifying vocabulary in our class book "Cosmic" and in Science we carried out a shadow investigation which we will look at more closely next week.


We look forward to seeing you for Talk and Share next week.


Have a great weekend


Mr Young and Mrs Beale 




There are two pieces of homework this week to complete. One is about walking to school and is a competition. Let's see if you can first prize. The other homework is maths. Please choose your challenge and you can see the challenge by the stars on the sheet. 1 star is 1 chilli, 2 stars is 2 chill and 3 star is 3 chilli. The answers are attached at the bottom so you can check how well you did.


Please keep going onto Timetable Rockstars. There is a class 7 Boys V Girls battle. We have also entered a sumdog competition so please go onto this as well please.


Due to a very very busy week we didn't do group spellings this week so this will be at some point this week and Mr Young (being old and forgetful) forgot to hand out class spellings, I will do this on Monday.


Remember with spellings and maths little and often is the key. About 10-15 mins each day is plenty and you will improve if you do this.


Thanks Class 7. 



Our Explanation Texts - Enjoy

Planets, operations and much more


Class 7 have been working so hard this week. We are well on the way to finishing our Space Explanation Text.  We will Edit and improve early next week and then start to put into our Science books. We will show your finished piece when we have Talk and Share. It will be BRILLIANT.


Maths has really stepped up this week as we have started to look at mulitples and different methods to multiply. We were a bit rusty but are starting to get to grips with it now. Any extra X tables practice at home will always help.


We have continued our space theme in Science and Geography. We looked at phases of the moon and we also looked at what a biome is and how cold the polar region is.


Homework this week is on the Active and Passive voice. Please choose the challenge that works for you.


Have a super weekend 


Mr Young and Mrs Beale

Maths - Chilli 1 and Chilli 2

Super work class 7

Wow, that week flew past. We cracked on with Maths and the children worked hard on rounding, negative numbers and we are starting to move onto the four operations. It was lovely to see them challenging themselves and helping each other out. We have a created a lovely ethos in the class and they are a pleasure to teach. Keep it up class 7.


We have some wonderful poets in our class and some of their language and creativity blew us away this week. They worked so well together and shared their poems with the class. I will upload some examples  very soon.


Remember you have until Friday 27th September to get your heritage homework in for our new display. Thank you for your Roald Dahl homework. Please remember two homework deadlines missed it will be a yellow card. It is the children's responsibility to do it so please give them a gentle nudge. Remember TT rockstars and your spellings. A little extra goes a long way. I have put two Maths tasks up if you would like to have a go. It is optional as you had two pieces last week. If you do have a go , then choose your challenge, pick a couple of tasks and come to me to show off your hard work. It will be worth Dojo's. This can come into me anytime up to next Friday (27th September)


Well done to Zac, Crystal and Elliott for their bronze reading badges. We have such a focus on reading again and it is lovely to see so many children enthused by a book. Let's keep it up. 


Have a super weekend Class 7. Keep being brilliant and enjoy the sunshine. It may be our last of the summer!


Mr Young and Mrs Beale


Harvest - Monday 23rd September

Roald Dahl.

Roald Dahl Week And Elections


What a fantastic fun Roald Dahl week. It kicked off with a super story telling  of The BFG. The class then looked at "The Twits." From this they wrote character descriptions and wrote a set of instructions on how to trick Mr Twit by serving him a vile dinner which he thinks is real food. Some of them were very funny and quite disgusting!


The class also worked with other children creating Art for our new display in the library. To end the week they watched a special screening  of the film in the hall with a treat to enjoy. 


Photos to follow of our action packed week.


Election news - The children have voted and congratulations to our new ambassadors.

Arts - Tommy 

Junior Governors - Anna and Vimisha

Eco - Zac and Sophie

Sports - Eddie, Tristan and Isabel.


They will do a great job and ensure the children are at the heart of everything we do.


Have a great weekend


Mr Young and Mrs Beale

Home learning - Roald dahl due 20.9.19 - Heritage 27.9.19

jeans - for- jeans

MACMILLAN Coffee morning

Welcome Back

What a super start by Class 7. Mr Young and Mrs Beale have been blown away by your BRILLIANCE already. Thank you to all of you who have returned your home learning and we must say they have been so creative and it has been lovely to share them.


Next week is Roald Dahl week and we start on Monday with a BFG storytelling and the week will end with a screening of the BFG in the hall. We cannot wait for it to start and we know it will be fun action packed week.


Have a great weekend and remember homework needs to be in by next Friday. The children can choose their challenge. Also reminder that the children can log on to TT rockstars and continue to smash their timetables.


Mr Young and Mrs Beale

Curriculum Overview