Primary School

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Home learning 24.02.23

Home learning this week. 


This week we began writing our persuasive advert to join Boudicca’s army.  We also looked at the perimeter of small and large objects; now know that perimeter is measuring all the way around a shape. We continued our shape theme in PE and practised balancing while changing shapes .


Home learning this week is to write your own persuasive advert to persuade someone at home to tidy your bedroom! Do you think you can manage to persuade them?


Remember you need it to be eye catching and use strong persusasive vocabulary as well as:

  • Title
  • Repetitive language 
  • Alliteration
  • Emotional language
  • Three strong reasons why they should tidy your room.
  • A bright picture


Next week our word of the week will be, temporary.  Can you find the definition of the word and draw or take a picture of something to represent the word? 


Spellings are in your books 


Have a lovely weekend.