Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!


It's All About the Brilliance...…..

Our Vision

'Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!'

We believe there is brilliance in all of us. We just need a chance to experience everything that we can-  so we can find out what our brilliance is.

We work in partnership with families and all members of our community to develop each individual; educationally, socially and emotionally and inspire a 'love of learning.'

We strive to match individual needs, creating a safe, positive climate for learning; to engage and inspire; to be the best that we can be! 

We say, ' I can't do it- YET!'. We need to face challenges and get things wrong in order to learn. We celebrate all of our achievements, then challenge some more. We may be small- but we are MIGHTY!


Our Values

  • We respect ourselves.
  • We respect others.
  • We respect our school.
  • We aim to be the best that we can be.


Our Aims

  • To value, nurture, support and develop each individual.
  • Match individual needs through Quality First Teaching.
  • To provide a safe, positive climate for learning.
  • To engage, challenge and inspire.
  • To form strong partnerships with families and the Community. 


We are a corner of the  3 school South Essex Alliance Multi-Academy Trust (SEAMAT) triangle.

(Currently, our MAT consists of Wyburns, Rayleigh Primary School, North  Crescent Primary). The exciting opportunities for collaborative work were key in our decision to Academise; working together whilst retaining our individuality. :) 

I am proud to be the Headteacher at Wyburns.

We encourage resilient, independent learners and decision makers who have a key role in the continuous evolution of our school, being the best that it can be.

Kath Sansom