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Team Wyburns. 


At Wyburns we believe there is brilliance in all of us. We just need a chance to experience everything that we can-  so we can find out what it is. We work in partnership with families and all members of our community to nurture, support and develop each individual; educationally, socially and emotionally.

We strive to match individual needs, creating a safe, positive climate for learning; to engage and inspire; to be the best that we can be! 


Our School Aims

Challenge, question, explore, excite!


  • To value, nurture, support and develop each individual.


  • To lead exciting, quality teaching and learning matched to individual needs.


  • To create a safe, positive climate for learning.


  • To engage and inspire.


  • To form strong partnerships with families and the Community.


Our School Values

  • We respect ourselves.
  • We respect others.
  • We respect our school.
  • We aim to be the best that we can be.


In January 2018 we became one of the founding schools of The South Essex Alliance Multi-Academy Trust (SEAMAT). Currently, our MAT consists of Wyburns, Rayleigh Primary School, North Crescent Primary and Riverside- an Associate member. The exciting opportunities for collaborative work were key in our decision to Academise; working together whilst retaining our individuality. :) 


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