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Home learning 22.04.22

Home learning


This week we have been learning about time.  We have been recapping the hour, half past, quarter past, and to.  


Can you draw a picture of a clock - remembering your fractions and how we divide the circle up like a pizza to ensure the numbers are in the correct place?  Draw four times and write a description of what you did at that time. For example, A drawing of a clock showing 5 O’Clock with the description - At 5 O’clock I eat/ate my dinner.  As an extension can you rewrite your descriptions in the past tense.


English - Beautiful poems this week.  I know many of you wanted to do some more, so why don’t you use the four steps we used in class to make one of your own choosing. 


Step One - Using your five senses gather your word bank. 


Step Two - Sort your words - Nouns, adverbs, adjectives, verbs - Ext: similies or alliteration can be added. 


Step Three - Choose the style of the poem. 


Step Four - Create your poem.


There are no spellings this week.


Timetables will be practicing 2,5,10 and recapping 3s if you want to challenge yourself.


Have a lovely weekend


Team Class Two