Primary School

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Home Learning - 2.2.24

Good afternoon,

Your home learning this week is:


Activity 1 - Learn the 10 spellings and put them into sentences. 

Learn as many as you can.  We will do a spelling quiz on this in class next Friday.

Activity 2 - We are looking forward to the Infant Music Festival in March where we will be performing 2 songs.  Your job is to learn the song words for our performance, like we have been doing and will continue to do in class. The 2 songs can be found online, the songs are The Lion King  - I just can't wait to be king and Jungle Book - Bare Necessities. The links to these songs can be found on your Goggle Classroom account, take a look.

Tickets will be availiable to buy soon and we will let you know more details when we receive them.