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21.01.22 Home Learning

This week we have been learning historical dates in Victorian times to go on our timeline.


For your home learning, can you find dates for some of these events?  


Can you remember the dates we have already added to our timeline? 


If you want to challenge yourself - Can you find your own historical event we can add to our timeline?


Charlies Dickes published Oliver Twist

Queen Victoria Coronation

Oliver Twist Published

Slavery Abolished

Growth of the railway (this happened throughout the 1840s) 

First Postage Stamp used

Victoria Marries Prince Albert

The Great Exhibition


This week's spellings are below and this week we are going to practice our 2 timetables. 

We have worked on these in the past, see if you can remember them.  


For a challenge can you work on your 4 timetables? (These will not be tested on)