Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 8

Science Week

Thank you to everyone that came yesterday for our Rocket experiment! We had a epic morning, first we listened to the story of Mrs Armitage, she needed a new type of transport because her bike broke. We decided to design her a new rocket.

We decorated the rockets and then went outside to test them.

Miss Beasley put a special science tablet inside with a bit of water. Some of them shot in the air however some of them didn't even move!

We found that the heavier rockets didn't move and the lighter rockets shot in the air.

We learnt that the special tablet and the water was making a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction gave lots of bubbles which made it fly.

A great investigation


Class 8

Eco Race is back in town!


This time we are going bigger and better. We want to win an Eco Race Award! Please come to school sustainably next week- this could be by biking, walking, scooting or even roller-skating! The more sustainably you come to school, the more points your class will receive.


We have come up with a solution to those that have to drive to school. You can still earn us points by parking away from the school (at least 500m) and walking in.


Please note, please ensure that you park in a safe place and avoid parking in any nearby shops.


Thank you,


The Eco Team!

World Book Day

Drop everything and read!

My favourite day, I love reading and I am so pleased you all do too! Your favourite books were lovely and I hope you enjoyed my funny books. Image result for world book day

In the morning Year 6 visited our class and we read them our story. It was a very special treat because Year 6 read their books to us.

The bell surprised us all day and we certainly dropped everything we were doing to read!


World Book Day

The BFG visiting Wyburns!

The BFG came to Wyburns this morning!

He asked us to help him make, plan and write our very own dreams. We had the best time inventing dreams! We added a touch of joy, a pinch of characters and a drop of scared. We needed the dreams to be eventful so the BFG could use them.

I think the BFG will love our dreams!

I hope you all have a lovely half term, thank you for another fantastic half term together.  

Miss Beasley


Home learning Games.


Practise your times tables, your doubling skills or even your halving skills here!


Practise your sentence structure using this game


Practise your reading with OBB and BOB


Practise your typing skills


I cannot wait to hear what games you have played.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Beasley



Victorian Dolls


We used our prior knowledge from our prototype to sew our Victorian doll today! We first used pins to pin our template to the fabric, which we then cut out. Cutting out fabric was very difficult, even harder than paper.

After we had two templates, we sewed them together. We used running stitch to sew and we made sure we stuffed the doll afterwards.

I am so proud of all us, we were patient and very resilient.



Sewing Victorian Dolls

Money Madness!Image result for coins

We have been learning about money this week. We were fantastic at recognising the coin value in order to add and take away. We applied our column addition and subtraction knowledge to solve very complicated sums. I am very impressed!

Can you show your parents at home how you can add coins together? Perhaps you can help paying for things in the shops by adding the correct amount to the shop assistant?

Check this website for some money games!

Apostrophe Related imageMadness!

A complicated week for us this week. We learnt how to use apostrophes in different ways, for contracted forms and for possession. At first, this took us a little while to understand, however by the end of the week we were using apostrophes in other curriculum areas, they were popping up all over the place! I was so impressed! Another fantastic week Class 8!

I hope you told all your parents and carers about our brilliant Victorian doll designs. We are going to be sewing our own Victorian Doll.

Watch this Space!

Miss Beasley


Victorian Toys

Vile Victorians.

We truly have kicked off 2017 with a bang. Not only did we win the brilliance cup but the attendance award too!

Our topic for this term is Vile Victorians - check out the curriculum overview for more information.

This week we have learnt about Victorians by becoming historians. We used sources of information, including paintings, to find out how Victorian people lived. After that, we played with Victorian toys and compared them using comparatives and superlatives. We are very clever.

Our work is proudly sitting on our topic wall.

In ICT we have been practising typing using two hands - here is the game if you would like to practise.


Well done Class 8, another fantastic week.  

Miss Beasley

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Check out the Children's Events page for lots of photos of us in the play!

I've sent home a lovely sheet of Christmas paper so you can all tell me about your holidays! Remember to read lots and practise your times tables over the holidays! You can always practise your spellings of the days of the week and the months of the year too!

Thank you  for a very lovely Autumn Term with you all, I cannot wait to see you all fresh in the New Year. Have a lovely, relaxing holiday and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Miss Beasley

Christmas Dinner


Your behaviour all this week Class 8 has truly blown my socks off!

We had the best time visiting Basildon to watch the Pantomime! Oh Yes we did!

It was a real pleasure watching you all laugh, shout and scream at all the characters. It was even funnier watching you all protect the magic toolbox!

"You know the rules, don't touch the tools!"


Your performance of our Countdown to Christmas was amazing! I am so proud of each and every one of you! At one point, I was giggling at parts, smiling at others and at one point I think I shed a tear! Well done Class 8!

I will upload photos as soon as I can!


Have a  lovely, relaxing weekend!

Miss Beasley



Home Learning Friday 9th December 2016 


We are pleased to announce that KS1 came runners up in the Eco Race competition! A huge thank you to everybody who ditched the car and walked, biked and scooted to school! It has been lovely to see a full bike shed. Our next Eco Race will be after Christmas but remember we can travel to school sustainability all the time to keep eco-friendly. Could you challenge yourself to come to school a different way each day?




Data Handling.

Wow! This week we have been very busy collecting and organising data. We have created a tally chart, pictograms and bar charts. Although collecting data on our favourite foods did make us all very hungry.

Thank you everyone for learning your lines at home. Your singing is fantastic and the play is getting better and better!

Check out this website for more fun activities on data handling.


Miss Beasley




Stripy's Fashion Show!

Stripy's friends came to stay and they had a huge fashion show! He needed to write in his local newspaper but didn't know how to write an expanded noun phrase! Luckily, for Stripy, we have lots of children in our class that can! So we got to work and wrote some fantastic phrases to describe each of his friends. The newspaper was fantastic and all Stripy's friends were so impressed! Well done Class 8!

Check out the fashion show!

Stripy's Fashion Show!

Still image for this video

Home learning Friday 11th November


A massive thank you and well done for your amazing, knowledgeable posters! They are all truly brilliant. I can see how much time and effort you have spent making them and I will display them proudly in our class. Well done Class 8 and keep up the hard work!

Half Term Home Learning


Incredible India!


Wow! I have had the best week ever with you all! We have been exploring the country of India this week. We started by learning the story of Diwali - we used puppets to help retell the story. When then made tradition Diwali sweets, whilst the ingredients were unusual, they were delicious!


Next we learned about traditional Indian clothes. Khushi kindly brought clothes for us to try on. We compared schools from India to our school and drew beautiful Mehndi patterns on hands. We used chocolate sauce to draw our patterns!


Oh no! We carried on our India week by guess what... that's right by eating AGAIN! We tried onion bhajis and naan bread! Yummy! Afterwards we learnt traditional Indian dancing. We finished our week by visiting the CLC in Wickford. We went to the rainforest and danced the day away in Brazil! A fantastic week and I hope you share all these amazing adventures with your parents and carers.


Have a lovely, restful weekend!


What a week!


Miss Beasley


Quick reminder!

Please remember to bring a disposable packed lunch on Friday 14th October, unless you have ordered a white band from school.


We look forward to seeing your brilliance on International Day!

This weeks home learning: -


Our Church Visit


Today we walked to the church. We had a fantastic time and we learnt how to Christians value each other. Reverend Phil taught us about special celebrations called Baptism, Weddings and Funerals! We had a pretend wedding and a baptism! We giggled and learnt a lot. Thank you Reverend Phil.

It was fantastic!

Once we have our class consent forms I will post lots more lovely photos.

Miss Beasley


Full of brilliance!

I have had a fantastic few weeks with you all! We have all been following our success to make sure we are meeting our 'Can Is'. We have learnt our vowels and consonants and used these to help us understand our plural rules.

You can click on this link to learn the song at home


Can you remember our odd song?

Get Singing!


Mad Science Club starts after school Wednesday! It is a club filled with crazy experiments for our little scientists! If you are interested please contact the office :)



This Weeks Home Learning - Have a fab weekend

Now we are back int the swing of things you might like to look at this document to get an overview of what we will be doing in Year 2 this term: -

Every week on a Friday you will be set some home learning. This will be handed out in a folder to be completed at home. Each week you will be set something that links to the work you have been doing in class.


The following home learning needs to be handed in on Wednesday 14th September:


'A Very Special Person' - everyone has a copy of the worksheet in their home learning folder.

Welcome Class 8

Welcome back to School! You all look extremely smart in your school uniform. I have had a lovely time reading all about your summer holidays, you have all been very busy. Our first day back was also a very busy one. Not only did we make new friends but we also explored a very special box. Inside my special box was someone very special and unique. We guessed who we thought it could be. Some ideas were The Queen, our Mums or even Mrs Sansom.

But sadly we were wrong because the special person inside my box was...


As we opened the box there was a mirror as we looked inside we found that each of us are very special in our own way.

Can you tell your parents what makes you so special? 


Miss Beasley