Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

3rd July

Welcome to our virtual Brilliance Assembly!


Good afternoon everyone :) I hope you have all had a creative week, even if many of the outdoor activities were rained off. 

I hope you have been earning those smilies at home. Who has a chart up? Don't forget your grown ups can email in your total for the week before 11 on a Friday and they will be added to the chart. Well done for completing so many home learning tasks. 


I think we should now sing and remember how much brilliance there is at Team Wyburns.


So, everyone join me in our song........

Let's hear your super singing voices... High Hopes...





Well done to those of you that have logged into MyOn and began reading some of the fantastic Ebooks on there. You can take the quizzes of the Ebooks or physical books that you may have a home- use the search bar to see if it is on the system! laugh


Year 4  have read for  14 hours and 26 minutes!!! WOW!


As a school, we've read for 56 hours and 40 minutes


Thanks over 2 full days of reading! 

Moving on to... Brilliance Certificates! 


Acorns Bubble- Lyla and Scarlett


Acorns Home Learning- Calli


Class 1 Bubble 3- Henry 


Class 1 Bubble 5- Freddie G


Class 1 Home Learning- Oscar and Isla


Class 2- Elizabeth and Dexter


Class 3- Matthew H and Hephzi


Class 4- Grace T and Sammy K


Class 5- Aislin, Ronnie and Maddie


Class 6- Lamara, Sarvesh and Ella


Class 7- Lois and Kieran


Key Worker Bubble 1- Samuel L and Zac L


Key Worker Bubble 2- Lilia and Louie M


Your certificates will be emailed to you!




This week our Brilliance Cup for the most smilies goes to..


Thank you all for another brilliant week. See if you can all try something different next week. Maybe choose a different genre of book, or try graffiti art, or change your own bed, or beat your time on times tables Rockstars, or get up early and write a poem, or have a lay in so everyone else can too! 


Inside us all there is brilliance. We just have to dig it out and show it to the world. :) 

Mrs Sansom