Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!


Day Three.....


What another great day! The children had a very 'shocking' wake up call...revenge for keeping the teachers up late the last two nights! 


We've had a great day...archery, zipwire, bushcraft to name but a few and we finished with  It's A Knockout and Swimming - so much fun. Well until the children worked together (shockingly!) to hold me down and get me with hose!! Hmmmmm revenge will be sweet! The weather has been ok....some showers and clouds but Mrs Sansom brought the sun with her later in the day. no


This evening we played rounders and Scatterball. Miss Williams and Miss Sansom's team beat Mrs Beale and Mrs Sansom's team.....even with the dodgy referee that was Mr Baker! cheeky


There have been many highlights and the children are continuing to show us their brilliance. Tomorrow we have another fun filled day and then we are ending with our disco on the evening. We wish we could stay longer!!