Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 8

Egg - cellent!

We had a fantastic experiment today! We pretended an egg was Mr Willy Wonka - we wanted to help My Willy Wonka play football but every time he started to play he cracked! So we created an investigation to test which method would make him strong enough.

We chose three methods - boiling him up, putting him in a box or wrapping him in bubble wrap. We then tested each one eight times to seen what method was the most effective!

Can you tell your parents or carers which method worked best?

What happened to the other eggs?

Can Mr Willy Wonka now play football?


Map Skills!

Last week we leant about different directions. We had great fun directing our friends either north, east, south or west! Today we looked at Google maps and found lots of different symbols that represent different places.

Can you remember any symbols we learnt?

Can you find any more symbols that we didn't look at?


Here is a little game you could play with your friends at home.

Today we looked at the wonderful pictures that Andy Goldsworthy designed by using the environment. We made our own designs. First we worked as a team and decided what we were going to make. We then created an outline and finally filled in the middle. Have a look at our amazing designs!

Fantastic Fashion!

Thank you very much for all your plastic bags! We made the most amazing clothes out of them! We looked at lots of different style of clothes, we found ourselves special teams where one of us had to be the model. We then made t- shirts, dresses, skirts, bracelets and even shoes! Our designs were fantastic. 

Afterwards, we went into the hall and paraded our beautiful designs for a Wyburns Catwalk!

Finally we really needed to make sure we remembered our fashion morning. So we got to work and wrote an amazing recount. We included adverbs, time connectives and even our emotions to explain exactly how we were feeling!

A busy, but exciting, Friday morning! Take a look at our designs!


Crazy Cooking!

Wow! We have been working and have completed our SATS tests so we decided to do some cooking today.

First we made our very own sandwiches. We could choose between jam or lemon curd.

After that we went to Mrs Wylie where she taught us how to made rice crispy cakes.

The excited didn't end there! After finishing our spelling test we then went to Miss Milner. What did we make? Yes! You guessed it! We made our very own fairy cupcakes.

In the afternoon we made a huge picnic blanket. We played lots of fun games whilst gobbling our treats.

A well deserved treat! Well done Class 8!




We had a lovely assembly today. We looked at the Wesak Story. A traditional Buddhist story of a King's elephant and dog. We learnt two important messages from this story.

Can you remember what we learnt?

So many of you loved the story you asked me to put it in on the website.


Enjoy :)

Austin's Butterfly

Our classroom turned into an art studio this afternoon! We looked really carefully at drawing a butterfly. We learnt to be really resilient. We looked at Austin's butterfly and found that it took Austin 5 attempts to finish the master piece. Our friends gave us advice on how to improve our butterflies and we did! Our final butterflies were fantastic!

Parts of the plant!

I love this time of the year! The trees are growing and the birds are singing. We have really investigated our environment this year. We have been on a plant hunt and found common flowers around us.

Can you remember any of the flowers names?

We have also been learning about our parts of a plant - particularly looking at what jobs each of these parts do. We started our own investigation and we are beginning to grow a sunflower to see exactly how it grow.

Check out this website for some more activities about plants.

Number Madness!


Wow! we have certainly been busy the last few things, busy but very resilient! I am so impressed how many children can now confidently add and subtract using a blank number line! At first we found this quite difficult but we kept going and now we have mastered this skill! I am very impressed!

Can you show your Mums and Dads how you work out the answers to these questions?

5 + 7 =

12 + 16 =

35 + 32 =


10 - 5 =

17 - 12 =

89 - 43 =



Hi Parents! Just a quick reminder regarding the Mad Science After School club!  There are still a few spaces left. It will be full of gooey potions, fantastic feats of physics and all sorts of fun science experiments.  To register, please visit or call 01245 363 670.   Thanks!  The Mad Science Team

Bring Me Sunshine!

Welcome back Class 8. A busy, but brilliant, but first week back. Bring Me Sunshine is our new summer topic. We have lots of lovely lessons planned for you! We have been learning about measuring. Looking really closely at length, weight and capacity.  Can you remember what unit of measure I need to measure milk, flour and carpet for our classroom?

Your home learning projects were amazing. It was really lovely to hear you talking about your special people and why they are special to you. We also learnt about a special person in history, Florence Nightingale. Can you remember what she did?


Stomp Workshop

Happy Birthday Stripey!

Guess what? It is Stripeys birthday!

We had a fantastic morning celebrating. First we went to the hall and played party games. We had a huge dancing competition and some of us won lollies for our amazing dancing.

After that, we came back into class and had some yummy party food.

Stripey wanted us to write a recount about his party to he can tell his friends and family what we did.

We worked so hard to include adverbs!


Building 3D shapes by looking at their properties.

Science Week is next week! We cannot control our excitement!

We will be celebrating Science week through a theme entitled “Spies.”

Remember which morning your parents/ carers are invited!


Monday 9:15 – 11:00 am

Year Five and Year Six

Monday 1:15 – 2:45 pm

Early Years

Tuesday 9:15 -  11:00 am

Key Stage One

Wednesday 9:15 – 11:00 am

Year Three and Year Four


Normal routines will still occur – we will come into class and complete the register. At 9:10am, the Key Stage Two gate will open and you can meet your parents on this playground. Let the missions begin!


Completing missions is thirsty work, so Friends of Wyburns will be providing refreshments, drinks and bacon buns, from 10:15- 11:00am. Please feel free to buy and share a refreshment and complete the remaining missions.

We will then come back into class to continue our learning.


Please be aware this is a weather permitting event. Should there be inclement weather on the day all events will be postponed. This will be posted on the website banner if cancelled.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine!


Lets get Sciency!


Look forward to seeing you there


Tesco! Where does our food come from?

We had a fantastic morning going to Tesco.

First we got very cold, we walked into a enormous fridge and freezer! Do not worry - we were only in there for a few seconds.

Can you remember the temperature of both the fridge and freezer?

After, we had a look at all the different fruits and found them on the world map. We were very surprised at all the different countries! The furthest piece of fruit was all the way from.. CHILE!

Lastly, we enjoyed some yummy healthy snacks, including sunflower seeds, prunes and pitta bread! Yummy!

We had a fantastic time and thank you all for being so very well behaved! Another brilliant day.

Well done to everyone that took part in the Year Two racket festival.

Photos will be uploaded very soon!


Wow! A busy first week back.

All this week we have been learning about our number bonds.

We have been trying to remember them by heart and using this skill to solve some missing numbers.

Can you remember your number bonds to 20?

I challenge you to play this game


How many did you answer in 1 minute? Can you tell me when you come into school?

Play your part #shareaheart

Wow! It is safer Internet day today. First we started our day by finding out how we are all different. We then wrote all the ways we are different and made two piles; ones we should share online and the things we should never share online. In the afternoon we looked at sharing a heart. We thought of why we loved the internet and what we use the internet for. We had a lovely day. We certainly know how to be safe online now!



Please remember to be careful when playing games online. Do you know the people that you are talking to electronically? Remember we wouldn't talk to strangers in public so we should never talk to strangers on a computer. If you are worried about anything on the internet, remember to tell an adult straight away.

Our next exciting internet safety day is on Tuesday 9th February. There is a brilliant workshop after school for parents information. Please come along! Refreshments will be provided. :)




Our Visit to Thailand!

Our dreams came true this week as we all went to Thailand!

First we went to the kings palace, we had to cover our shoulders and take our shoes off to pay respect.

After that we went to the beach! We excitedly built sandcastles and swam in the beautiful sea.

Finally, we went to the rainforest where we washed elephants. We had a brilliant time!

Although Stripey was very upset he had missed out so we wrote him a postcard to cheer him up! Stripey said they were fantastic! He really liked your pictograms which showed Stripey which activity we liked the most.

I hope you all enjoyed your trip!



Comparing Countries!

Today we looked at a very different country from ours - Thailand! We learnt about how people in Thailand live including the money they use, the animals they have and the different transport! We learnt about a Tuk Tuk and how it doesn't have any seat belts. Not very safe at all! Thanks to Daniel in Class 6 we also learnt how to speak Thai.

Can you remember how people in Thailand say Hello? Remember it is different from both boys and girls.

Looking at your work I can tell how much you have learnt about the different countries.

Can you tell your parents who runs the country Thailand?

Can you tell your parents the differences between England and Thailand?

Would you like to visit Thailand?

Another enjoyable and brilliant day!

Well done Class 8!

Tasting Food!

We had a very exciting day today! Not only did we learn about the seven continents of the world, we also tasted different food from different countries in Europe!

Can you remember what foods we tried?

Challenge! Can you remember what countries these foods are from?

Watch this youtube clip to remember the seven continents of the world!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back to school. It was lovely to see all you big smiles today.

Our new topic is

"A Whole New World."

We are beginning our learning by looking at the country Africa. We looked at a story about the African culture called Handa's Surprise. Can you remember what happened in the story? What was the surprise?

We acted our the story playing the game "Whooosh" I think your Mummies and Daddies would love to play this game at home too!


This afternoon was very exciting. We tasted lots of different fruits from the story  including avocado, melon, passion fruit, pineapple and oranges! Yummy! I know lots of you didn't like the avocado. Can you remember where it is from?


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you for a lovely term together! We have learned lots about The Great Fire of London! I cannot wait to learn more together! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Miss Beasley

Salt Dough Madness!

We have had a very MESSY week! This week we made our own salt dough. We used cutters to create a Christmas decoration for our trees. We cooked them really slowly and then painted them! They look fantastic - they will make our trees at home extra special!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

WOW! I had such an amazing time at the pantomime. I loved it when Simon came out and said "Hi you Boys and Girls!" Can you remember what we had to say back? Thank you for your brilliant behaviour you were all so well behaved and I loved seeing your faces so engrossed in the play.


Christmas Dinner was another fantastic event. I loved eating my Turkey dinner with you all - pulling crackers and singing songs.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas celebrations are beginning! I hope you all had a lovely time at our Bizarre!

What did Santa say to you all?

Remember to keep practising your song words and lines at home! I cannot wait to show the school our production on Monday! I think they are going to love our play!

Have a lovely Weekend.


Reading Challenge!

The Reading Challenge is in full swing. Remember to read at home every night. You can read anything - newspapers, letters, books and even comics!

Well done to all the children that read this week! If you all read, every night, then on Friday you will earn a special reward.

Keep going Class 8!

Nutty Nouns and Awesome Adjectives.

Class 8, this week you have blown me away with your brilliance.

Your imaginary stories about London were very entertaining.

I cannot believe Hulk wanted to take Buckingham Palace so he can eat all The Queens cakes and sandwiches.


Can you tell your parents at home what a Noun is?

Hint: Remember the actions.


Can you tell your parents at home what an Adjective is?






Wonderful Home Learning.

I would like to say a big thank you for your wonderful home learning projects. Lots of children have been walking through the class to glance at these beautiful London statues.

We felt that it would be a shame for you not to see them, so we will be holding a ‘Gallery of Learning’ on Wednesday 2nd December. Pop into the hall between 3 and 3.40pm to see the masterpieces on show.

Children in Need

WOW! Thank you everyone that contributed to our Children in Need day! The children look fantastic! Did you spot all the 'things?' There were five in school today! Did you find them all?

Today we created a story about all the characters in the class. We had  lots of fun! I loved it when Batgirl was saved by Rafael from those naughty Storm Troopers.

Buzzing Book Week

We are finishing off this half term with a bang! Our book for the week is Fantastic Mr Fox! We have  enjoyed reading about his adventures!

Yesterday, the children noticed there was something different about our lake. There was a ladder in the lake! The children wrote stories about who had walked down the ladder into a secret world. Captain Hook and Elsa had made an appearance in some of your stories. They were all brilliant! Well done Class 8!

Please Remember The Book Fair is open all week. You can come and look and buy new books everyday after school. :)

Bursting with Brilliance!

Wow! A fantastic way to finish the week! We won the BB cup!

Keep up this brilliant behaviour Class 8!



 Last week, you were all amazing at listening, giving and writing instructions! We leant about imperative verbs and time connectives. My favourite part was listening to instructions to make bread, some of the instructions were really unclear and I loved the way we made them even better. Actually, I think my favourite part was eating the bread after.  Well done Class 8!



Tuesday 6th October 2015

This afternoon the children worked very hard in Music listening to the beat and finding the rhythm in two different songs. We had lots of fun listening and copying rhythms and then all took it  in turns to create our own rhythm to pass around our Music circle.

We used body parts like  our shoulders, knees and head to help us when creating rhythms, and took on the challenge of clapping a beat using our own names!

We finished off the day singing a song that we had previously learnt in Music, with our beautiful singing voices.

We couldn't help but naturally start to nod our heads to the beat whilst singing!


Class 8, can you tell your parents what song we stood up to sing at the end of our lesson?

Also, who can remember what genre of Music we have been focusing on? Tell your parents!


Just to finish- myself and Miss Beasley are so impressed by the amount of reading going on at home and love giving out those stars! Keep it up Class 8. Who will be taking home this week's reader of the week certificate?


Miss Shipp


Class 8 copying Miss Shipp's first rhythm!Copying the beat!!


We've been busy designing futuristic fire engines! Our designs have been evaluated and improved and we are now ready to make! Please bring in any recycling for junk modelling that we could use to build our fire engines. :)


This could be boxes, toilet tubes, bottle tops- the list is endless!


Thank you in advance,


Miss Beasley

Sports4fun – Multi-skills

There is a very exciting opportunity to participate in our Multi – skills after school club. The activity will be different for each week including rugby, football, basketball and dodgeball.  Please ring Tarkan on 07956 254052 for more information and to book your slot.

The day the fire

fighters came.

On Monday we were extremely lucky to have more visitors. The brave firemen from Rayleigh Weir fire station came to visit us. We learnt lots about the Fire of London whilst exploring fire fighting equipment from both the past and the present! Additionally, we tried on their uniform and were able to go inside the fire engine.

We had a fantastic morning and we are very thankful for this super opportunity.

A big thank you to Mark, Lee, Darren and Adam!

A huge well done to all of Key Stage One. Everyone was very impressed with your behaviour throughout the whole morning. Well done Wyburns!


Special People - Reverend Nick

For our religious studies we have been learning about special people. This afternoon we had a special visitor - Reverend Nick. He taught us about his job, what he does and how he helps people.

Can you remember two things that Reverend Nick does during the day?

Can anyone remember what Reverend Nick loved most about his job?


Well done to all the children that read at the weekend! Keep it up Class 8!





Reading Challenge!

Remember Class 8 our reading challenge has begun. If you have read, remember to put your home school diaries in the Green box before the register. You will earn a star - for extra powers. If you have gain 5 stars in a week you will be given a special certificate.

Let the challenge commence!

Bursting with Brilliance!


Class 8, I am very proud of you all! We won not 1, but 2 certificates in our brilliance assembly. We won the 100 % attendance! Well done! We also one the best manners certificate for lunchtime. Super.


Well done to Lacey and Hannah for becoming an Eco Warrior. Remember we all take part in making sure our school and community is Eco - friendly.


London's Got Talent.


Thank you for a brilliant first week at school. I have really enjoyed getting to know you all.

I hope you all enjoy your new library book. Remember we can change our book every Friday during our Library session.

Wow! You also have a new reading book, you will have the opportunity to change this daily! Get reading!

Lastly, I wonder if you can share with your parents an interesting fact about London?

Who can remember where The Queen lives?

What year did The London Eye open?


Have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to seeing your smiles on Monday morning.


Miss Beasley



I hope you are all enjoying your first days at school.

You have all been...








Our clubs letter was sent out yesterday.  Remember to send it back to school ASAP.

Please bring a bottle of water each day and label all your clothing.  Thank you :)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.:)

Miss Beasley


Welcome Back to School!

I hope you all had an amazing Summer and you are ready to begin another Brilliant School year.


The Biggest Smile Competition!

On Monday I will be looking for the biggest smiles. The child with the biggest smile will earn  themselves a big sticker. :)


Remember your 'Envelop of Summer.' I cannot wait to hear about your Summer adventures. We will be sharing these with the whole class on Monday morning.


I look forward to seeing you all then.

Miss Beasley