Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

23rd April

Dear Diary,


Though lockdown has been rather boring recently, we (as in Brooke and Harrison) have been keeping ourselves busy with tons of fun activities such as lounging around on the sofa playing Minecraft 😊

Don’t worry though, we have been keeping active (mostly). Such as I (Brooke) have been doing 400 reps most days and boxing every day with my karate and dancing inbetween as well as frequent bike rides and dog walks. And I (Harrison) have been doing Joe Wicks every morning and have been going for frequent walks outside. Now lets get on to what you guys have been up to.


Zach and his mum have been very busy doing Joe Wicks and going on frequent bike rides as well as doing lots of work in the garden. As well as that, Zach has been making his own comic books and teaching his mum how to play chess! Tyler and Oscar have been busy creating an assault course in their garden and Oscar has been practicing all his work whilst Tyler has been reading his David Walliams books. Melanie has written a wonderful book review on Demon Dentist (which is now on Amazon!) and has created an amazing obstacle course as well! At school, the children have been using the Jungle Book as their theme. There are lots of photos on this week's home learning brilliance.


We love seeing what you guys are up to so please keep sending your photos and messages in. The teachers really enjoyed catching up with everyone on zoom this week and they hope you enjoyed it too! Lamara has even written a blog about how to host a zoom party so please check it out for some tips!


Tune in next Friday for our next update. Bye! 😊😊😊

From Brooke and Harrison 😊