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Week 3 - 17.1.22

We've had a rocking week in Class 4!


Lots of exciting work has been taking place including:


Happy day  - On Monday Wyburns enjoyed a 'Happy Day' where we decorated rocks with happy positive phrases for our school garden, enjoyed smiling at each other lots as well as watching a great webinar from James Campbell, what funny jokes he told! Can you remember any?


Maths - working on multiplication and division. You all worked so hard to be the best that you can be with this, well done.


English - planning and writing your own adventure stories has been engaging. You choose a mythical land to set it in then thought about the adventure that they would take, including overcoming the mission on the way!


Science - Rocks is our focus and you have shown great enthusiasm when engaging in this new topic!

We begun by looking at the types of rocks, can you remember them? 

That's it - Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rock

We discussed where they came from and how they are formed.

We wonder if you can find any of these rocks in and around your home or whilst outside exploring?

Please come and tell us, take photos for our display and share this with the class. 

We then went on to explore fossils, understand where they came from, how they are formed and we even observed real fossils, this ended with fab drawings for our rocks display.  

Soil was our next area to look at and we very interestingly discovered what it is made up of.

The week ended with a soil experiment, what great fun that was!

We're looking forward to completing lots more rock work next week.


This is just a snapshot of a very busy week in Class 4!

Well done for being superstars!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Clark and Mrs Goddard