Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Spring 2 - Week 2

Another fabulous week Year 1!


Our maths journey has taken us from doubles to near doubles! We have used our knowledge of doubles to help us find the answers to 'near doubling' questions. For example, if we know that double 4 (4+4) is 8, then 4+5 is one more so the answer is 9! Tricky stuff but we applied our resilience and used 10 frames to help us, and double 10 frames when the numbers got greater!

In English we have been working on 'The Journey' which is our themed book for this years World Book Day. This book is interesting as it has no words! We had to use the pictures to work out what was happening. If you would like to look at the book again, you can see it at this link: 


We then used this to inspire us to create our own dream lands which we then used to help us write our own setting descriptions. We are finishing these on Monday. Here is an example of what the settings looked like.

In RE, we have begun to look at Buddhism. We looked at the importance of Buddha and his image and then investigated the festival of Wesak. We created lanterns for this special festival with our partners.