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Week 4

Week 4!


It's always a fab week in Class 5! This week we have been focusing on learning about rainforests and deforestation in connection with palm oil farms. We've learned that we can help save the planet by reducing our consumption of palm oil products and committing to only buying products that have come from sustainable and organic palm oil farms.

In English, we are in the process of writing a persuasive letter to well-known food chains in order to plea them to use sustainable palm oil products in their products. Our knowledge has been supported by our geography lessons where we have discussed and created the fours layers of the rainforest and have created a fact file on a rainforest animal. In addition, we have completed our quizzes in computing and many have been posted on our Google Classroom pages to share with the class! Make sure to check them out! In maths, we are getting back into the swing of things with four digit addition and subtraction.