Primary School

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Home Learning 21.1.22

This week we have been learning a lot about rocks.

Part of this involved understanding what soil was made up of.


For your learning this week we would like you to:


1. Play at least 3 games of TT Rockstars to become super quick at your times tables.


2. Investigate the soil in your garden or an outdoor area where you can look at different soil types  e.g. park.

To do this you will need to: -

 - look at the soil 

- if you can, take a sample of the soil or dig a little hole so you can see the layers of the soil (not in the park)

- Investigate what is inside the soil

- Can you find the many layers we discussed in class?

- take photos of the soil you find and where it is. Is it in a damp area, sunny area?



Write up your findings

What did you find, where and was the soil different in other parts of the garden or outdoor area?


We can't wait to see your findings.


Many thanks,

Mrs Clark and Mrs Goddard