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Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 3

Andy Murray Who?  Rafael is our Tennis Star!


Congratulations to Raf for his amazing performance at the Rayleigh Schools' Tennis Tournament Finals, Rayleigh Lawn Tennis Club.  Raf won 3 of his 4 group-stage matches and went on to take the championship!  We look forward to watching you at Wimbledon in the future Raf!! surprise

Friday 8th July 2016



What a busy week! There has been so going on... It was lovely to see you enjoying your last ever swimming lesson as Class 3... Even if some of you did get me wet! I am not naming the culprits but you know who you are!! cheeky


This week has also provided you with the opportunity to consolidate and extend your  weight knowledge in our maths lessons. We are all blown away by how you have all blossomed into confident, resilient mathematicians. Go superstars! We can't forget your amazing English lessons. We have finally taught you all the strategies and skills that you will be using in your pirate inspired narrative and we look forward to seeing you start to write them on Monday morning.


Thank you to those of you who came and joined in our celebration on Tuesday afternoon. We hear it was an emotional, yet extremely special event where each member of the class had the chance to sparkle and shine. frown


We hope you have a fab weekend and enjoy reading your brilliant reports with your families. All of you have had such a fantastic year and your report is a snapshot of the brilliance because like we always say you really are bursting with brilliance!


Only two more weeks left Class 3! cool


Miss Fox,  Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 1st July 2016


Another week completed...Another week where the brilliance has shone!



What a week Class 3! I can't believe we are the proud winners of the BB Cup for a third week in a row! Go team awesome!! cheeky  This week has provided numerous opportunities for you to shine and  we were so proud seeing you get into the team spirit at our fantastic sports day. A big congratulations to those who won certificates but an equally big well done to those of you who took part.


Next week is busy busy busy! You are going to watch the Year 5 & 6 production, some of you are taking part in the swimming gala and there is that little event of Class 3's Celebration of Brilliance assembly being held on Tuesday afternoon. Remember to bring your tissues!


We hope you have a super weekend.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 17th June 2016



What an exciting, busy week Class 3 have had! The week started by a pirate writing workshop where the children to part in lots of activities to inspire their writing for a range of genres. In maths this week our focus has been on horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines and we are so proud to say all children were amazing and can now confidently identify the various lines.


We would also like to say a massive 'Well done!' to those of you who took part in the Junior Music Festival. It was fantastic to come and watch you perform at the Cliffs on Thursday evening. It really was a goosebump moment!!


Please remember that our school trip to Hyde Hall is on Monday and Wild for Art day is on Friday!


Have a super weekend cheeky monkeys!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

6.6.16 Fabulous French Day!

Monday 6th June 2016


Friday 20th May 2016


A Passion For Fashion!



WOW! What an exciting morning you had today Class 3! I bet none of you expected to be taking part in a fashion activity, which would include designing, creating and modelling did you?! Oh....And I forgot one important thing...All in carrier bags!! As always, you blew us  away with your team work skills, creativity and ability to think outside the box in these rare, yet exciting, opportunities. Well done to those of you who modelled down Wyburns catwalk in front of the whole school... Move over Kate Moss! Once the fashion fun was over you used your knowledge from our English lessons to produce amazing recounts  on the morning's events.


If all of the above didn't make a fab Friday, we had a surprise when we were told that Class 3 were the proud joint winners of the BB Cup with Class 2. Yippppeeeeeee!!


We hope you have a wonderful weekend; remember only one more week of school until it is half term!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Wednesday 11th May 2016


Amazing African Workshop!



Today Class 3 were really lucky to part in an African inspired workshop. They had the opportunity to find out about daily life, culture and local art. After that had discussed daily life with our visitor they had a go at creating various African patterns using a range of materials. Can you remember any of them Class 3?


Well done on a super afternoon; you all showed great resilience when learning about new techniques and I felt extremely proud of you all.


Miss Fox smiley

Tuesday 10th May 2016

Super Swimming!



Well done to all of you for having a super positive attitude to swimming lessons. It was great to see you all enjoying yourselves even if it was raining for the whole lesson! We were also impressed with the speed that you got ready before and after your swimming lesson.


We have a feeling that it is going to be a super successful week!frown


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley


Friday 29th April 2016



In English this week the children have used The Lion King as a stimulus to create their very own African themed narrative. They have worked so hard on coming up with brilliant sentence openers, using prepositions and using verbs and adverbs to describe how different animals move. We can't wait to see your stories next week.


In maths lessons this week the children's learning focus was shape and perimeter. We were blown away with their resilience and determination to find the perimeter of basic 2D shapes.


Thank you to those of you who joined in the celebration on Friday for Class 3's Brilliance Assembly. It was  amazing to see the children so engaged and enthused with their learning and we especially enjoyed the musical performance. Well done superstars! frown


We hope you have a lovely three day weekend and come back to school on Tuesday ready to sparkle and shine... Remember your swimming kit!! laugh


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs  Long smileysmileysmiley 

Mad Science Club


Hi Parents! Just a quick reminder regarding the Mad Science After School club!  There are still a few spaces left. It will be full of gooey potions, fantastic feats of physics and all sorts of fun science experiments.  To register, please visit or call 01245 363 670. 

Tuesday 26th April 2016



Can we take the opportunity to remind you that Class 3's brilliance assembly is on Friday at 2.30. We hope you can join the celebration and we may even have a few little surprises for you!! frown


Best wishes,

Class 3 superstars cheeky

Terrific Tie Dye!

Friday 15th April 2016



WOW! What a super start back Class 3!! It has been fab to see you all being enthusiastic learners and have worked so hard this week. We had lots of fun learning about the process of mummification and you used your Talk for Writing skills to help you remember the seven steps. YIKES! Your knowledge and understanding for this gruesome process will help you to write a super set of instructions in the next few weeks.


You were all superstars at the STOMP workshop on Wednesday and worked hard to create music using your hands and feet. It has been absolute pleasure to be back at school and teaching all of you. Let's try and make this the best term ever!


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you bright and early on Monday (with your white t-shirts for our tie dye lesson).


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley


Thursday 24th March 2016


Happy Easter!!



Can you believe that it is the end of the term? Time flies when you are having fun!!cheeky What a super busy half term we have had, which has included the wonderful science week where we got chance to take part in the missions. We can't believe how lucky the school are to be receiving some of the space seeds from Tim Peake... Watch this space superstars!


Congratulations on being the joint winners with Class 6 for the Brilliance Cup! We can't believe how many times you have won it but it just shows you that hard work does pay off. frownno


We wish you a happy and peaceful Easter break and hope the Easter bunny delivers some yummy chocolate to you all. See you bright and early on Monday 11th April where we can hear about all your adventures.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

18.3.16 Sports Relief

16.3.16 Completing Our Missions For Science Week!

Friday 11th March 2016



Another week done and another week where brilliance has shone. You rose to the challenge with our challenging fraction calculations where all of you were able to add fractions together and also subtract them. It was great to see some of you finally believing that you are mathematicians who can really achieve.


In Big Write today we saw some wonderful non-chronological reports on Upside Down Planet. Your faces were a picture when you came into the classroom this morning to see lots of things upside down. Well done to those of you who were able to read the message on the board; I wonder which cheeky teacher wrote upside down?! Can you remember some of the exciting information that you put in your non-chronological report? If so, why not share it with your family at home as we are sure they will agree when we say you are bursting with brilliance.


Finally, we would like to say a huge congratulations to you all for being the proud winners of the Brilliance Cup!


We hope you have a lovely weekend but remember to get a bit of a rest because we have a super busy week next week with science week and auditions for Wyburns' Got Talent, which will be held on Monday afternoon.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Science Week!


We will be celebrating Science week through a theme entitled “Spies.”

Remember which morning your parents/ carers are invited!


Monday 9:15  - 11:00am - Year 5 and Year 6

Monday 1:15- 2:45pm- Early Years

Tuesday 9:15- 11:00am- KS1

Wednesday 9:15- 11:00am- Year 3 and Year 4  


Normal routines will still occur – we will come into class and complete the register. At 9:10am, the Key Stage Two gate will open and you can meet your parents on this playground. Let the missions begin!


Completing missions is thirsty work, so Friends of Wyburns will be providing refreshments, drinks and bacon buns, from 10:15- 11:00am. Please feel free to buy and share a refreshment and complete the remaining missions.

We will then come back into class to continue our learning.


Please be aware this is a weather permitting event. Should there be inclement weather on the day all events will be postponed. This will be posted on the website banner if cancelled.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine!


Lets get Sciency!


Look forward to seeing you there

Fantastic French!

Friday 4th March 2016



Can you believe that another week is over? Time really does fly by when you are having so much fun! This week we have seen you transform into division superstars and so many of you are now confident in using various written methods to work out tricky calculations. In English we saw you bring all your knowledge of non-chronological reports that you had learnt over the past few weeks to create your very own factual page. We were blown away when we read them and couldn't quite believe how many of them included subordinating conjunctions. If that wasn't enough brilliance for the week we were the proud, joint winners of the Brilliance Cup with Class 4. Well done superstars!


Next week our attention will be moving to narratives in English; we have decided to link it to the Disney film Up! We hope to see you transferring your knowledge and understanding from our science lessons on forces to help you write thrilling stories. In maths we will revisit fractions and learn how to add and subtract fractions! There is a lot of work to be done over the next week but we know what brilliant, resilient learners you are.



Please make sure that you are reading at least five times a week. Due to the lack of reading in Class 3 we are coming last in The Great Reading Race. Remember we are aiming for a pyjama day. Come on Class 3!


Have a fantastic weekend and we shall see you bright and early on Monday morning.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 26th February 2016



WOW! Class 3 you have definitely come back to school ready to learn. What a super week you have had! In maths we saw all of you being resilient and challenging yourselves with tackling various methods to solve multiplication calculations. It was great to see lots of you applying your times tables skills to help you. Hopefully with our daily times table test we will have all of you feeling super confident. no


English lessons have been extremely interesting as our focus for the next few weeks is non-chronological reports. We can't wait to see the interesting facts that you find on your animal and look forward to seeing your homework on Thursday. When I was marking your English books I had a goosebump moment because even though subordinating conjunctions is super hard you all gave it a go. Class 3 you really do blow us away with your brilliance!


We hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember to continue to read and practise our key phrases in French. Maybe you could even teach your family a little bit of French! frown


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Deanes school are offering free family badminton in March.

Please see flyer below for details smiley.


Monday 22nd February 2016


Welcome back Class 3! It was great to hear all your news and your half term adventures. We can't wait to all the brilliance that you produce this half term. Remember it is a super short half term so it means that we will have to work twice as hard!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley


Friday 12th February 2016



What a fun week you've had Class 3! Your brilliance shone when working with Class 5 on our E-safety activities and it was great to see you learning, whilst having huge smiles on your faces!

Here are some examples of Class 3's very own hashtags:

* Leo #keepsmiling

* Lacey #bekindbeafriend

* Freddie #shareasmile


We can't believe it is half term already but you have worked your socks off when producing all your brilliance across all subjects so you deserve a little rest! How fab was it that we get to share the Brilliance Cup with Class 8. You make us proud of everyday and you astound us with your positive, respectful behaviour around school.


We wish you all a happy half term and look forward to hearing about all your adventures when you return to school on Monday 22nd February.


Best wishes,


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 5th February 2016

Share a Heart



We are taking part in the E-safety day where Class 3 are going to be using their knowledge and also extending their understanding by completing fun, creative tasks with Class 5 on Tuesday.


From 3.30 on Tuesday 9th February there will be a parent workshop on how to keep your child safe when they are using the internet. We hope to see lots of you there.


Have a super weekend!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Thursday 4th February 2016



Class 3 have become journalists this week and created their very own newspaper articles about the cheeky toys who escaped!! We have thoroughly enjoyed reading them and particularly liked your catchy headlines.


In science this week we moved our attention from forces to magnets. Can you remember our two buzz words? We learnt that every magnet has a North and South pole. We had lots of fun investigating with them in small groups.


Here are a few fun links that we use in our mega maths session


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Some examples of Class 3's impressive artwork!

Friday 22nd January 2016


Blooming into RESILIENT learners!



For the next three weeks we will be using newspaper articles as a stimulus in our English lessons. On Monday the children explored and identified various features and even explained how they are used to make an article super successful. We then moved our attention to the different forms of grammar used in articles and we were blown away with your resilience of tackling subordinate clauses. GO TEAM!

Can you remember what a subordinate clause is? Can you remember what a main clause is?


In geography lessons we discussed the difference between human and physical features and were able to identify features in our local area and also those found in other parts of the world.


Our brilliant week was finished off by a super afternoon of painting. We used Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers as our inspiration and created some super pieces of art. The children learnt how to blend the paints together to create a gradient effect and my goodness don't they look effective. Please watch this space for the children's sensational sunflowers to be uploaded to our class page.



Have a terrific weekend Class 3 and please remember to read as much as possible because we are in second place at the moment in KS2's Great Reading Race.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 15th January 2016


Alien Madness!



This week Class 3 wrote super letters to the aliens on Saturn no. They all included paragraphs, descriptive language and questions that they wanted the aliens to answer. Can you remember what your exciting questions were? If you can why not share them with your family! I am eager to see if the aliens have a reply for us next week....


Our maths lessons this week were based on 2D and 3D shapes. How many can you name? Can you name any of the properties?

Remember our three buzz words for 3D shapes:

* Faces

* Vertices

* Edges


Have a fantastic weekend! Remember to do lots of reading so we can win 'The Great Reading Race'.


We will see your cheeky faces bright and early on Monday morning. frown


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley


Friday 8th January 2016


'F' is for Friendship



WOW! First week back has been completed! We have noticed something quite fantastic...  You all have these big smiles on your faces and it really is great to see. There is nothing better for us to see that you are enjoying all of the lessons and learning new things.


Can you believe that you managed to have two cakes in the first week back? The first one you made when you weighed out all the ingredients in our maths lesson and the second one was in English when you used your very own instructions to help Mrs Edmonds make more yummy fairy cakes. Well done for using time connectives and imperative verbs...You were all BOSSY!


We have been really impressed with how you have gone the extra mile in Friendship Week in and out of the classroom. It makes us so proud to have such wonderful, caring children in our class. GO TEAM FOX!



We hope you have a super weekend and recharge your batteries for another week of brilliance where we will be writing letters to another planet and learning all about 2D and 3D shapes.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Class 3 had the opportunity to put their weighing skills to the test when we made some delicious fairy cakes in our maths lesson!

Tuesday 5th January 2016


Welcome Back!



It was lovely to see you today; we thoroughly enjoyed listening to what you got up to over the Christmas holiday and what Santa bought you on Christmas Day. Even though you had two weeks off school you definitely haven't forgotten how to burst with brilliance because you blew our socks off today! There was lots of laughter in our maths lesson when we used our weight knowledge to measure out ingredients to make yummy fairy cakes. Not only were we impressed with how mature and sensible you were when measuring the ingredients ensuring you were accurate but the way you worked with your group. Team work is key this week as it is friendship week.


2016 will definitely will be a year where you will shine, sparkle and show your brilliance to others! Go team awesome! no


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 18th December 2015

We Made It!


Minions Christmas Outfits. #Minions #Christmas


Well done to all of you for working so hard over the Autumn term... Can you believe that you have completed your first term in KS2?! WOW! When we look at the photograph of you all, which was taken in September, we realise how far you have come. We said to you at the beginning of our adventure together that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and my goodness you have definitely taken some giant steps this term.


Thank you all for your lovely Christmas cards and wonderful gifts- we loved them all... especially the chocolate!! cheeky


We will miss your cheeky faces over the next two weeks but we wish you a magical Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016.


Merry Christmas!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 11th December 2015


'S' is for Super!

WOW! You are just superstars Class 3! Not only did we manage to win the BB Cup in assembly but also the lunchtime manners award. You should all be proud of yourselves as you have worked really hard to be the best you can be all week both in and out of the classroom.


We have one final week of the Autumn term to burst with brilliance!


Have a fantastic weekend and remember you are awesome! indecision


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley 

10.12.15 Christmas Dinner!

Tuesday 8th December 2015



Well maths has been interesting this week hasn't it Class 3?! We linked our capacity lessons to our class book (The Witches by Roald Dahl) and the children had a super exciting lesson where they put their knowledge to the test to create their very own potion. Great team work skills Class 3; not only were you enthused and engaged but you all supported one another to be successful learners.


In English you have blown us away with your simile and texture adjective work. You have used your imagination and knowledge to produce work in your writing book, which is simply brilliant. We can't wait to read your Christmas poems at the end of the week smiley.


Continue to burst with brilliance because we all know you are superstars!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Dates for your diary 



Monday 7th December- Class 3's Christmas box will be put out for pupils to post their Christmas cards to all their friends


Wednesday 9th December- Whole school pantomime where we get the opportunity to watch Jack and the Beanstalk at the Towngate theatre in Basildon 


Thursday 10th December- Christmas dinner- red and green bands will only be offered on this day. If your child does not wish to have the school Christmas meal please provide them with a packed lunch 


Wednesday 16th December- Christmas Carol church service (KS2)


Friday 18th December- Last day of term! Woo! The children have the opportunity to wear a Christmas jumper to raise money for Text Santa 

Friday 4th December 2015


A Special Visitor!


Class 3 had a very special visitor today... SANTA!! They had the opportunity to visit his magical grotto and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. All of the cheeky monkeys of Class 3 had big smiles on their faces and even got a present!


Here is a picture of Class 3  getting in the mood for Christmas this afternoon! We loved reading your Christmas angel wishes, which included a wish for themselves, a wish for their family or friends and a wish for the world. no



We hope you have a restful weekend; you are so nearly there... only 2 more weeks of school and then you can have a real rest! We have lots of exciting things going on next week, which includes the pantomime and our Christmas lunch.


See you Monday superstars!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Monday 30th November 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...



When you all went Miss Fox and her little helpers put up the brand new Christmas tree. We hope you like it because we think it looks brilliant! You all worked so hard in your art lesson with Class 2 today; it was great to see you being independent and resilient even if Miss Fox was covered  in silver and gold glitter!


See you tomorrow superstars!


Miss Fox's elves! smiley



Friday 27th November 2015


Road Safety Afternoon


What a super fun afternoon we all had with Class 4! It was great to see all of you working in your small groups to create futuristic clothes to keep people safe when they are walking or cycling in the dark. I especially liked the disco balls, which attach to your shoes to allow you to see any obstacles on the pavement in the dark- very cool!


We have been keeping our eyes on The Great Reading Race board and we are in second place wink. Come on Class 3 to win our prize we must all remember to read five times a week and got parents/ carers to sign. How fab would it be to have a PJ day at the end of term! We hope you all have a fantastic weekend; recharge your batteries because we only have three more weeks to sparkle and shine before we break up for CHRISTMAS! Woo!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Thursday 26th November 2015


Little Red Riding Hood With A Twist!



WOW! You have really impressed us with how you were able to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood using Talk for Writing actions in our English lessons this week. Lots of you came up with imaginative ways to retell the traditional tale, which added lots of laughter to these lessons throughout the week. However, today Dave the dog with his creative hat on, which meant Miss Fox was ready to mix it all up and surprise you cheeky monkeys! Dave gave each of you an envelope, which explained your new setting for your story.


New settings:

Crunchies and Wispas- Space "My story is called Little Red Space Helmet. It is set in space when she is all grown up and she is trying to save the planet from cheeky aliens!"- Matthew

KitKats and Aeros- An icy, cold place "My bad character is a mean, angry polar bear and my good character is a fluffy, small penguin who is trying to get the fish back to his family who live in a snow house."- Jack

Twirls and Maltesers- Beach "My story is set at the beach. My bad character is a stingray who has magical powers and my good character is a hard, orange crab."- Jessica


It was lovely to see you so enthusiastic to share your ideas with Mrs Sansom when she came to visit us this morning. Fingers crossed some of you can show her your brilliant stories when they are completed.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Monday 23rd November 2015


Class 3 Are RE Rock Stars and PSHE Pros!


What a fab few lessons we have had learning about Christianity and some of the stories that are in the Bible. Class 3 used their Talk for Writing actions to help them retell the story of how Jesus chose his 12 disciples and put their knowledge and understanding to the test when they created cartoon strips.


In PSHE we have focused our learning on responsibility. First, we looked at how we are responsible members of Wyburns and came up of lots of ways, which included in the classroom and also outside on the playground. After that, we moved our focus to how we are responsible members in a wider society. Once again you had some amazing ideas!


"I am responsible for looking after my pets at home. I feed and play  with them so they are not hungry and feel safe."- Lottie


"I always put my rubbish in the bin. We must remember to not litter because it will damage the planet!"- Alice


"I try and make sure that I turn off the lights at home so it doesn't waste electricity and it also saves money!"- Leo


I hope you are ready Class 3 for our next topic in PSHE.... Debate! We will be debating whether children should have to wear school uniform. I look forward to this lesson!


Remember to keep sparkling and shining because you are all working so hard!


Miss Fox smiley


Fantastic French!



Class 3 have been working really hard in our French lessons and now are confident in saying "Hello, my name is...." We have been practising a lot and even speak in French when doing the register in the morning! Superstars, do you think you could teach your family members how to say our short phrase that we have been learning?


Miss Fox smiley

Tuesday 17th November 2015


From a packet of Bourbon biscuits to creating Stonehenge!


Class 3 were sad to say 'Goodbye'  to our art lessons until Spring term but were extremely excited to say 'Hello' to our design technology lessons, which are based on structures and also link to our creative theme of The Rolling Stones. The pupils had a super fun afternoon today because they had the opportunity to create their very own prototype of Stonehenge with Bourbon biscuits! We looked at a range of structures from around the world and brainstormed as a class the similarities and how they were different. After that, we spoke about how prototypes are used by designers and the various steps of producing the final piece. Class 3  did really well not to eat the yummy, chocolate biscuits and worked hard in their teams to create the very own Stonehenge. All the groups managed to put their own spin on the fascinating landmark and some children got rather frustrated when a cheeky Miss Fox came round and tested how secure their structure was!


I wonder if you can create Stonehenge using another sort of biscuit?! Will they work better than our tasty Bourbons?


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley




Pen License



A massive congratulations to Micky, Matthew, Moss, Jack and Aisha who have worked so hard to write in cursive, joined up handwriting in all of their books. Finally the determination has paid off! indecision


Who will be next? frown


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley


Mosaic Madness!

Tuesday 10th November 2015



Class 3 are Bursting with Brilliance and we are only on Tuesday!


How cool was our mega maths this afternoon?! I loved learning my 3 times tables and 6 times tables with Uptown Funk and Cheerleader. Who said maths couldn't be fun?! cheeky It would be fab if you could show parents/carers the website we used as we are sure everyone in your household will start humming the tune after a while.


Today in our RE lesson we learned why baptism is important to the Christian faith. As a class, we came up with lots of Talk for Writing actions to help us understand the strong message that underpins this important event and even did a short role play. A big well done to Lottie who was very patient at pretending to be baptised, Jaimee for being a brilliant vicar and Isla, Lily and Jack for being super scary sinners! Class 3 you rock!


Class 3 we just wanted to tell you about the exciting update... you are in the lead at the moment for the BB cup; continue to show the rest of your school how you come into assemblies, conduct yourselves on the playground and also remembering your polite manners at lunchtime. Fingers and toes crossed we can be the champions for another week. indecision


Continue to sparkle and shine because we believe in you all.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 6th November 2015


Sensational Soil!



In our science lesson today our focus was learning about the different layers in the soil profile. We came up with actions to help us to remember where the O horizon, A horizon, B horizon, C horizon and bedrock layers go. Class 3 got lots of scientific vocabulary in and even had the opportunity to show their science and performance skills off when Mrs Sansom came to visit us. Well done Class 3 you are now soil experts!


Dave's challenge to you all is to show all the people at home how the superstars of Class 3 remembered the different layers of the soil profile. Remember to master a skill is for you to be able to teach someone else a new skill or a piece of information.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

4.11.15 Computing Lesson- Researching Interesting Facts On Stonehenge

Tuesday 3rd November 2015


Introducing Dave 


Class 3 are proud to introduce their new class pet... Dave the dog! cheeky We had a vote at renaming Miss Fox's dog puppet and the most popular name was Dave. Thanks Jack for suggesting this super cool name! no He has helped us in our English lessons when we have used the Thinking Hats. On Monday we used the green hat, which is for creativity and came up with lots of wonderful ideas using our imagination. In today's lesson we used the red hat, which is for feelings. The red hat helped us to generate lots of emotive language that we could use in our rock stories.


From all the superstars of Class 3 frown


Amazing Artists...Class 3's Oil Pastel Masterpieces Of Stonehenge!

Monday 2nd November 2015


Welcome back Class 3!


It was fab to hear all your adventures that you had been on in the half term but it was even better to see your big, smiley faces back in school. You definitely haven’t forgotten how to be bursting with brilliance because you wowed us with our maths lesson, which was measurement madness and our art lesson this afternoon where you created a sunset picture of Stonehenge using oil pastels. Just wow!


Remember your home learning project is due in on Friday; the ones that came into school today looked amazing and I cannot wait to see the rest of them. It is great to see that so many have you have read over the holiday… Remember our air miles start again for The Great Reading Race against all the other KS2 classes. Keep up the reading as we want to be the winners for this half term.


You really do make me such a proud teacher Class 3.

See you tomorrow superstars.


Miss Fox smiley


Thursday 22nd October 2015


'B' is for Brilliant!



Congratulations Class 3 you have completed your first half term in KS2! We know we always tell you and the rest of the school how brilliant Class 3 are but you have been superstars who have wowed us in all lessons with your positive, fun attitude to learning, which has enabled you to be super successful. Have a fabulous half term with your family and friends because you really do deserve a rest; we cannot wait to see all your moments of brilliance when we return to school on Monday 2nd November.


Best wishes,

Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Wednesday 21st October 2015


Eco Champions!



Well done Class 3 for achieving the highest score in Eco Week 1. We are so impressed with the way you came to school over the three weeks we were recording; well done to all of you who walked to school! frown


Congratulations again Class 3!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Friday 16th October 2015


You have blown us away with the work you have produced in our English and maths lessons but we are even more impressed with how resilient you are when faced with a challenge. Remember Class 3 practise makes PERFECT... When you feel like giving up on a challenge look up at our mouse picture on the white board. If he gave up he would never get the cheese!



You have worked so hard in English where we were learning about different nouns. Could you explain the difference of a common, proper and abstract noun to the people at home? Remember to master a skill is to be able to not only explain but teach another person. Give it a go! In maths this week our focus was multiplication and all of you were successful learners... We were so pleased to hear lots of you saying "I can't do it yet" at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week you were proud of your achievements.


Next week is a super exciting week because it is book week; our book is The Twits... Expect some mischievous things to be going on throughout the week... WATCH THIS SPACE CLASS 3!



Have a wonderful weekend and remember to read! We are still in 3rd place in The Great Reading Race against the other classes in KS2.


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Friday 16th October 2015





This afternoon Class 3 and Class 4 worked together to become masters of E-Safety! First, we watched a short clip explaining how to keep safe when using the internet and the precautions we could use to help us keep ourselves and also our friends safe too. As a large group we brainstormed all the creative, inspiring ways we could share our knowledge with the rest of  the school. One of the groups decided to create posters explaining all the things we should do when using the internet and the other group designed their very own avatar to symbolise that the character on the computer screen is not the same as the one behind the screen.


We had a fantastic afternoon together and well done to all of you for working so hard. Please remember that surfing the web can be fun and enjoyable but you must keep safe  by not giving out your personal details and always tell an adult if you think something isn't quite right or something has upset you.


Miss Fox smiley


Talk and Share



Thank you to all of you who came to Class 3's Talk and Share this afternoon. It was great to see the children so enthusiastic about what they have learnt so far in the academic year , their targets and next steps and most importantly it was lovely to see how proud of the work that they have produced in their books. I hope you will agree with me when I say all of Class 3 are simply bursting with brilliance and when I think they can't get any more brilliant they surprise me... This year is getting better by the week!


Thank you for your continued support smiley


Best wishes,

Miss Foxsmiley

Wednesday 14th October 2015



We all wanted to say a massive congratulations for a fabulous performance today. We are so proud of all of you because you were all simply amazing. Class 3 you didn't just show us your acting and singing skills but your ability to believe in yourselves that you have the potential to be whatever you want when you are older. Please remember us when you are rich and famous!


One more performance to go... Let's go out with a bang and show all the parents/ carers how BRILLIANT we are!


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Tuesday 13th October 2015




Class 3 had a fantastic dress rehearsal this morning and were superstars on the stage when they showed the whole of Wyburns their fabulous production.


Parents/ carers will have the opportunity to see the play on Wednesday 14th  at 9.15am or Thursday at 2pm. Once the performance has finished their will be chance to have a cup of tea and biscuit. We hope you can join us


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Brilliant Butterflies Created By Oil Pastels


* We hope you can join your child in celebrating their work in our Talk and Share afternoon on Wednesday 14th October. This is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to share what they have achieved already in year 3. After seeing your child's work we hope you will be able to agree with us when we say that there has been lots of moments of brilliance. Class 3's Talk and Share will take place straight after school on Wednesday afternoon and will end at 4.15pm.


*Last week your child was given a letter of two dates for our partnership meeting. I have had lots of replies back but I'm still waiting for a couple of reply slips. Unfortunately, times will be given out on a first come first serve basis. If the dates for our partnership meeting is not convenient please do not hesitate to contact me.


*I would like to remind you all that the school disco will be taking place on Friday 16th October. Now you are in KS2 you will have to wait a little longer as your disco won't start until 4.45pm! We hope to see lots of you; Miss Fox will make sure her dancing shoes are on!



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Friday 9th October 2015


Explanation Texts


Class 3 have had an exciting week in English this week! smiley

After identifying and exploring various explanation texts in small groups and even watching a video on the life cycle of a butterfly they wrote their own factual page with time connectives. The factual pages were not only very informative about the lifecycle of the butterfly but interesting too as you remembered to put small pictures next to each stage to illustrate each part of the process.


Do you think you could explain this fascinating process to the people at home? It is rather amazing when you think about it that the Monarch butterfly was once a caterpillar who munched on juicy, green leaves! sad




Another week of BRILLIANCE completed! Have a wonderful weekend superstars and we cannot wait for you to all sparkle and shine in next week's production.


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley


The time has come where you will have the opportunity to sparkle and shine on the stage and show the audience all your brilliance in our production. Can we remind you that all costumes and props need to be in on Monday 12th October as we have a dress rehearsal in the morning to ensure our vocal chords are warmed up and we have our dancing shoes on! cheeky


There will be an opportunity for parents/carers to see our sensational show on Wednesday morning or Thursday afternoon.


We hope you can make it!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley





Friday 2nd October 2015





A massive thank you to all of you who bought in a food for our harvest assembly today. I was thrilled to see Class 3's harvest box bursting with your kind donations for those who are less fortunate than us and it is great to see all of you embracing being part of a community in school and beyond the school gates.




Friday 2nd October 2015


The Dream Giver


Class 3 were slightly shocked but very excited when they walked into the classroom this morning. Our classroom was very dark but there was a small glow coming from underneath the board.... an electric blue light, which had a mysterious cracked egg next to it which was oozing with blue liquid.


After discussing who the egg belonged to we watched a video and realised it was from the Dream Giver. The Dream Giver is a small goblin with delicate, golden wings who helps  children to dream of magical and wonderful things while they sleep peacefully at night by cracking his golden eggs. Well done to all of you for writing your very own Dream Giver story; we were really impressed with your use of descriptive language but even more so with your brilliant imaginations that started to conjure up. It was an extremely successful first Big Write for you all.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Can we just remind you to remember to read at least five times each week as this will build us up air miles for the Great Reading Race... Remember we are in third place at the moment after the results were read out in KS2 assembly... Come on superstars we can do it!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Sports 4 fun



There is a very exciting opportunity to participate in our Multi – skills after school club. The activity will be different for each week including rugby, football, basketball and dodgeball.  Please ring Tarkan on 07956 254052 for more information and to book your slot.

Wednesday 30th September 2015


Performing Poetry!


In our English lesson today the children worked as a small group to create an acrostic poem for 'Rocking Rocks'. They all worked super hard to include exciting vocabulary such as alliteration, adjectives, personification and even onomatopoeia!


After that, the children used their acting skills and put actions to their poem. Well done on performing to all your class this morning. We were so impressed with your team work skills.


Keep up the BRILLIANCE superstars!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Monday 28th September 2015

Junior Governors and Sports Leaders



A massive well done to all those who took part in the elections last week. We are proud of you for the way your presented to the class and gave reasons to why your peers should vote for you. Talking in front of a lot of people can be nerve-racking so you should be pleased with your efforts.


Congratulations to Isla and Ethan who are Class 3's junior governors and Lottie and Micky who are Class 3's sports leaders.


Well done again!

Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Cheeky Cupcakes For Macmillan Coffee Morning!

The Great Reading Race!



Class 3 the reading race is now up and running and we are in stiff competition with the other classes in KS2! cheeky The more we read the more air miles we get for our plane to fly to France. Once the winning class has reached France they will win a prize for their whole class and a new destination will be selected for you all to fly to.


Come on superstars lets be the class to win the first journey.

Happy reading!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Coffee and Cake!



Tomorrow, Friday 25th September is the Macmillan coffee morning. Come along and support by bringing cakes or buying some yummy cakes that will be on sale.

Class 3's Curriculum Overview For Autumn Term



Please find attached Class 3's curriculum overview for our theme of 'The Rolling Stones'. The document will  give a brief explanation of some of the exciting activities and tasks the children will be studying in the forthcoming term.


First Aid Training


Key Stage 2 were the lucky ones to take part in an exciting assembly on First Aid this week. The children learnt about the importance of First Aid and how to be efficient and effective first aiders.


Class 3, the link below is from St John's Ambulance Service and will give you the opportunity to put your skills and knowledge to the test. I am sure you will all make BRILLIANT first aiders!


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley


* 16th September- Individual photographs

                      - Open School (3.15- 4.15)


* 17th September- Open School (3.15- 4.15)


* 18th September- Jeans for Genes Day


* 25th September- Macmillan Coffee Morning



Friday 11th September 2015

In A World Of Pure Imagination...


Well done Class 3 you have successfully completed your first week in KS2. Congratulations!


We have been reading all of your wonderful washing machine stories and have been blown away. You have used your imagination so well to create new, underwater worlds that have tie snakes, fish socks, jellyfish gloves and t-shirt sharks! It was a pleasure to read all of them. frown


We hope you all have a restful weekend and remember to keep practising your times tables in preparation for Disney Maths Minute, which will take place twice a week.

See you bright and early on Monday morning superstars!

Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Wednesday 9th September 2015

Be Proud Of Who You Are!



This afternoon our focus was about being unique individuals and celebrating our differences. We worked in small groups and discussed the meaning of being unique. After that, we used our knowledge and understanding to draw one of our friends and write down some of the amazing qualities they have.


Well done Class 3 for working as a team; it was fabulous to see all the lovely things you said about each other... and there was lots of brilliant artwork too! no


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

Monday 7th September 2015

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step



Class 3 you have astonished us since you've come back to school. We are feeling incredibly lucky for having such an amazing class. The way you have adjusted to our new classroom, our expectations of you and how you are putting in lots of effort to produce work that is bursting with BRILLIANCE  has knocked our socks off! We are just at the beginning of our new and exciting journey together but you have taken the first few steps into your adventure of being in year 3 and we hope you are all proud of yourselves because we most certainly are.


Can we take the time to remind you that our PE day is on a Thursday but we would suggest that you have your PE kits in school at all times. There won't be any formal homework set this week, however we would advise you to practise your times tables over the weekend.


We look forward to working with you all,

Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley

A New Adventure...

A New Year For Brilliance!


WOW! You are not only in year 3 now but you are also in KS2... Exciting stuff!! no      We hope you had a fantastic summer, which was full of fun and laughter and we cannot wait to hear all the exciting things you have done when we see you back on Monday.


Enjoy the last day of your summer holiday because tomorrow is the first day of a new adventure, which will be fun, creative, exciting and most importantly allowing your brilliance to shine for the rest of the school to see.  cheeky


Miss Fox, Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Long smileysmileysmiley