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Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Brooke and Harrison’s Blogs

Hi everyone, it is Brooke and Harrison here! We hope that you are all well. We really miss being at school (and have actually asked for extra work!) so thought we'd keep you updated on how things are going at Wyburns. On Monday, the children that came back to school had an amazing and eventful time as they sang and danced through the day. As midday came, the children munched enjoyably on delicious chicken nuggets and then continued with their Easter word scrambles. After a playful time out in the lovely weather, KS1 students spent the rest of their afternoon creating collages of blossoming spring trees, whilst KS2 played maths games in the sunshine with Mrs Jude.

During this enforced lockdown, my days have been spent working, exercising, lounging about and playing outdoors either in the garden or at the park with the dogs.


We'll post again Friday!

Stay safe 

Brooke and Harrison