Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!


Morning all!


Don't forget to tidy your rooms this morning and send the evidence in! 


See you at 11am!

Team Wyburns

Challenge 1 - 11am


Your first challenge of the day is to get really creative! The most creative entry will be announced on Friday!

We would like you to make the letters WPS out of anything unusual, creative and imaginative. You can use absolutely anything!


We can't wait to see them!


see you at 1pm!

We absolutely love your creativity so far Year 6! Keep them coming!


Challenge 2 - 1pm

This challenge is for you to create a challenge for others to complete on Friday. Teachers and Children will be taking part! For your challenge to be accessible for all, think about the equipment required - can it be easily substituted? Do most people have the things needed?

You could send a video or photo (like the teacher challenge) or send the instructions.

These need to be in by 10am Thursday so I can prepare them all for Friday!

Again creativity is key!

I'm looking forward to trying them!


Final challenge of the day - Challenge 3 - 3pm


We know how talented you all are so we would like you to show off one of your (many) talents to us. You can create a video or a take a photo of you demonstrating your talent or you can find a creative way to show us.


One of my talents is multi-tasking so have added a photo of me doing that! 


Don't forget to ensure you have made a meal for all of your family and cleared up afterwards. We need the photographic evidence please!


Have a good evening and we'll see you in the morning! There will be an extra challenge in there tomorrow!