Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

We're back! Part 2!

A huge well done to everyone this week. I am so very proud of all of you and will organise your certificates this week :)


The children with the most points this week are........

Lily and Elliott!


There was only a point between them and the next 6 children! Proves how amazing everyone thinks you all are!


I'm looking forward to seeing how you do with next week's challenge!



It is World Juggling Day on Saturday 20th June so your challenge today is circus themed!

Your challenge is to build a bridge that will hold the weight of a can of baked beans (or whatever else you have in the cupboard!)  You can use newspaper, building bricks or spaghetti - the more creative the better.

I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

Points update!


We have a few children at the top : Harrison, Joshua and Izzy J are up there with Lily V, Elliott and Ella F


All to play for - get your points in by 12pm tomorrow (Friday) so I can announce the person with the most points on our call.

Thursday 18th June 2020

 Your extra bonus challenge today is to end in photos of something really close up for us to guess what it is!

Please send your photos to and I'll create a slideshow :) Please send the photo and the answers so I know what they are!

This may form a round in the quiz night!


We haven't had many trips out - Brooke took us abroad to the sunshine (fabulous) but I haven't seen any others yet. Has anyone hiked yet? We've had magic from Khira and a couple of biscuit challenges from Elliott and Taylor (both very successful!) but would love to see more!

So let's make Thursday challenge day! How many can you do today?

The one who does the most/is the most enthusiastic will win 10 bonus points!

Good Morning Year 6!


I hope you all slept well. Today I would like you to do something that will make someone else happy. It could be anything at all. For example I could play Monopoly (again) with Jake as it is his favourite game or play LOL's with Izzy because she loves them! You could make someone their favourite breakfast, help them with the chores, run Mum/Dad a lovely bath to relax in. Totally up to you. Please send your kind deed photos into me at the homelearning address :)


We had some more models yesterday (fab job!) and the toilets are hilarious!


I'll be sending Friday zoom details later today :)

I have loved looking at all your photos and videos today! Keep them coming!


Have a great day!

Year 6 team

Good Morning Year 6!


I hope you all slept well! The birds (though lovely) were super loud at 4am so we retreated inside! How did you all fare?

Today I would like you to make a meal for your family and tidy up please. Can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Photographic evidence please.


Some fabulous work completed : Photos of camps, timetables, drawings and toilets came in yesterday! Some really made me chuckle! Brooke also created a model which is fabulous! Melanie's recreation of a WW2 poster is fabulous too!


Keep them coming Year 6 and let me know what is on the menu for today!

Good Morning Secret Squirrellers!


Your mission is attached!

Please read carefully and send any work completed in to us at along with your daily points total. We will also award points for creativity and enthusiasm!


If any of your friends weren't all the call please spread the word!


I am looking forward to seeing what you produce this week!

Hi Year 6,


I have added a few notes for your parents about points. It is definitely in your interests to keep your rooms tidy and remain happy and enthusiastic for the week! Any additional things you can do to help out will be rewarded! You've got to be in it to win it!

Have fun :)

Mrs F

Hi parents/carers,


With regards to points, it is entirely up to you how many you award but some parents have asked for a guide so you could reward up to around 10 for the main task - engaged, enthusiastic, creative etc. Then a few for the other challenges. If they do other work too you may want to reward them for that. If they do chores around the house, keep their bedroom tidy etc you may want to give more. I know if my children kept their rooms tidy and cleared up after themselves I'd be awarding a few!


Thanks everyone :)