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Home Learning - 19.11.21

For this week's home learning we would like you to write a persuasive speech. In our lessons earlier this week, we shared a speech that we had written and hoped to share with Mrs Sansom and the other teachers at the next staff meeting about reducing break times for children at Wyburns. You were not convinced about the idea and some were very unhappy about it so we would like you to write a persuasive speech to share about your views about break and lunch time remaining the same.
Remember everything we have learnt about persuasive writing over the last few weeks and the features you need to include:


  • Title implies a point of view 
  • Write in first person
  • Write in paragraphs
  • Emotive language 
  • Give reasons to support the viewpoint 
  • Use facts and evidence to support reasons 
  • Connectives/coordinating conjunctions to link ideas (e.g. however, therefore, furthermore) 
  • Persuasive devices: Agreement and positivity (e.g. obviously, without doubt) 
  • Powerful adjectives 
  • Rhetorical questions 
  • Conclusion to summarise and state opinion

We look forward to reading and hearing your speeches.

Mrs Ferrari and Mrs Clark