Primary School

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Week 20.1.2020

Week of 20-24th January 2020

Class 2 have had an amazing week learning the Oliver Twist story. They have acted it out, looked at the characters and described them. In Maths we have been working on Statistics where the children have explored: tally charts, pictograms and bar graphs. They have collected data on their favourite animals, shared it, recorded it, inputted it into Excel and analysed it! In Science we have continued learning about animals and their habitats. We specifically focussed on how they adapt to their habitats and the importance of the 4 basic needs - air, shelter, food and water. In History we have explored more about Victorian times. The children enjoyed finding out about jobs that were undertaken and that even children had to do these because education was only for the very wealthy.

What a busy week we have had and this is just a snippet of it. Well done Class 2.

Keep up the great work!