Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 8

Wow! The Last week of School!

Well done Class 8 for the last few days. You have all accepted different challenges and have learnt to persevere! Even when you tried to crack the code in Mathematics! A very big well done!

I hope you all enjoyed meeting your new teachers on Monday afternoon - your new teachers are amazed at your behaviour and politeness.


Polite Notice

Please make sure you bring a big bag, or a few, on Friday.

Remember Class Party is next Monday.  You may bring a change of clothing to wear for our party. :)

Stripey and I are so excited to dance with you all.


Miss Beasley







Investigating Maths!

We certainly had our thinking hats on this morning Class 8!

We had lots of Sudoku Maths Problems - some of us used numbers and some of used colours.

We were all very successful! We preserved and, more importantly, enjoyed the challenge!

Well done Class 8!

Reports and Important Dates


Wow! I cannot believe we only have 2 weeks and 2 days before the end of the year.

I hope you all enjoyed your reports, children and parents/carers included. They were a real pleasure to write! I am very proud of each and everyone of you Class 8 and I hope your brilliance is shown in these reports.

The date for our Class Brilliance Assembly is Tuesday 7th July.

Open School is Monday 13th July.


I look forward to seeing you all there!


Miss Beasley


Sports Day!

I hope you all enjoyed our Sports Day just as much as I did!

You all behaved brilliantly, your perseverance and attitude was fantastic!

I am very proud of all you for congratulating your friends who won and enjoying the morning!

Well done Class 8!

Polite Reminder - Please ensure you all have water bottles next week. It is suppose to get very hot! P.E Kits please return by Wednesday. Thank You!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy this beautiful sunshine

Miss Beasley

Sports Day!

Directions and Map Mapping

Pond Life!


Is there life in our pond?

Excitedly, we went pond dipping today! The children loved exploring the different creatures that lived in our pond. We all followed the safety rules and had a go at digging our fish nets deep to find different creatures! We loved it and the children were very well behaved!

Well done Class 8! Another interesting learning afternoon... one I will not forget in a hurry :)


Look what we found.....

Handa's Surprise

Well done to all the Year 2s who completed their SATS Test. You all worked extremely hard! I cannot believe how much you have all learnt this year. Well done Year 2! 

Throughout the week, we have learnt about the story Handa's Surprise. We designed our own fruit salad. As the children were very well behaved we then ate our fruit salad on the field. Yummy!


Remember It is the Phonics Screening Test this week. The children will be reading and decoding phonics sounds. Visit to practise! :)


First Week Back

Welcome Back Class 8.

We have been just like our little visitors this week. BUZZING! The children loved learning how to round a number to the nearest 10. The children learnt a little song to remember. Can you practise this at home?

Show me the way to round a number

1 - 4 we need to round down

5 - 9 makes us round up

Lets have a go shall we now?

Sha la la la la la (Number)

Sha la la la la la (Answer.)

(Show me the way to Amarillo theme song.)


This afternoon we learnt all about our little visitors. We learnt about the Queen Bee, the Workers and the Drones. We loved learning interesting facts.

Afterwards we created our own flying insect. :)

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.



Minion Invasion!

Oh no! Here comes the minions! Thank you for your lovely costumes. You all looked fantastic!

The children have really been brilliant this week and it definitely showed in assembly when we won....

The Brilliance Cup!! A massive Well Done Class 8!

I hope you all have a safe and very fun week off.

Wyburns at the Movies

Despicable Me!


WOW! What a fantastic week!

The children started this week by watching our film Despicable Me! The room was filled with lovely giggles.

All this week the children have been designing their own minions, creating costumes for the minions and making rockets to steal the moon!

Our favourite activity was baking evil cakes to poison the villains.

Next we decorated the cakes and sold them to our friends. We had to make a reasonable price for the cupcakes and made sure the shop keeper gave the correct change back.

With a grin on our faces we then munched away until all our cakes were gone.


Please remember tomorrow is our minion day. The children are allowed to wear blue and yellow to celebrate their hard work or even a minion costume if you have it.




Our Lovely School Trip

Toys R Us

This week we have been investigating old Victorian Toys. We had the opportunity to play with different toys from the past! The children loved playing marbles. We all sat in a circle, one marble was in the middle of the circle, we took it in turns to roll a marble - trying to hit the other. The class loved it!

Thank you for a lovely afternoon Class 8! I look forward to seeing you on Monday ready for our school trip. Please remember to bring a packed lunch - preferably  in a plastic bag ready to throw away. The children are allowed to wear any trousers, they will be changing into their P.E tops before they board the coach.

The weather is suppose to be beautiful - remember sun hats and sun lotion.

We are very excited!

Have a fab weekend!


Stripys Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Stripy

Happy Birthday to you.


We have had a fantastic morning today. The children needed to help Stripy with his party problems. He needed us to buy some food but only the right amount for each guest. We needed to complete lots of multiplication questions. We worked very hard.


We also made poems for Stripy to share with his friends at his birthday party.

The first poem was about Freddie...

There once was a boy called Freddie,

Who wanted to be like Eddie,

So much so,

He went home,

And hugged his teddy.


There once was a girl called Isabel,

Who turned into a Babybel,

She was very round,

She cost a pound,

Class 8 ate poor Isabel the Babybel.


I think Stripy is going to have a fantastic Birthday Party! Enjoy your long weekend Class 8. I look forward to seeing you Tuesday.


Our Learning Assembly

Thank you to everyone that came to this mornings learning assembly. We truly had a fantastic time - the children's thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were excited all day. They were telling their friends which parents got the answers wrong and right.The children then got to eat the remaining biscuits - which made the class very happy!  Thank you for all your work and well done Class 8 for marking the work. It sits proudly on our topic wall!


I do have lots of photos with parents in :) but I thought I would spare these from the website! :)



Sumdog is now available as a free android app for  Kindle Fire HD6, Nexus 7 2013 and Hudl 2.

The children love Sumdog - it is a fantastic resource! Not only are the children entered into weekly competitions, the child with the most correct answers wins a certificate in celebration assembly. Keep playing Class 8!




Please remember it is our Class Brilliance assembly Tuesday Morning. The children will each have a learning area where they will be teaching all parents about their subject. Parents are encouraged to join in and learn in each station. Thinking caps on!

We are all very excited!

See you there!





Summer Curriculum Overview

Beautiful and Bright!


Hello everyone! The sun has certainly been shining in Class 8 this week!

The children loved meeting the gymnast Danny Lawrence. They worked especially hard to try and raise lots of money! The children were doing star jumps, hops and even press ups! A lot of red faces!

The children were then wowed by Danny's performance! He showed us how he can cartwheel, flip and even backflip! Fantastic! One child said, "WOW his body is crazy!"

Danny was a great role-model for the children. The children's behaviour was fantastic and I was especially proud of how well Class 8 performed and listened! Well done Class 8!


Just a few reminders:

Sponsorship is due by Wednesday 29th April.

As the weather is warmer please remember to bring a water bottle into school.


Oh no! Lost Coat!

A pink winter jacket is lost! Please could you have a little look to see if your child has accidently picked it up. Thank you.


How does your garden grow?

Welcome Back!

The  children have come back this term with a fantastic positive attitude! We have had a very busy, but exciting, first day back!

Firstly, the children were using CM and MM to measure their plants! Wow I cannot believe how quick some flowers grew in two weeks! Thank you to everyone who took part! We will be watering and doing lots of work with these flowers all this term! :)

After that, we measured some flowers from The Chelsea Flower show! We needed to make sure our ruler was straight and we were very accurate.

This afternoon our classroom turned into an artist studio. We learned how to create an observational drawing, we used the shading technique to colour! Super Artists Class 8! Well done!!

Special Solar Eclipse

Thank you for coming to this special event. Even though it was very cloudy the atmosphere was fantastic and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

In the classroom the children watched Sky News and were able to witness what had happened. The children loved pretending The Sun was a rich tea biscuit. The children were able to nibble away until The Sun was completely gone. Full Eclipse!



Wow! What a week!

Well done to all the children who represented our school at The Racket Festival! The children's behaviour was amazing!

I hope everyone has relaxed over the weekend as another busy week is ahead!

Monday is the start of our very exciting Science Week! Class 8 will be working with Class 3 for a very creative Science afternoon.

On Thursday the Year 2 children will have a chance to shine for our Music Festival - I look forward to singing with you :)

Friday will be the amazing event of the Total Eclipse - remember the school will be opening at 8:30am! I cannot wait to share this magical event with you all.. fingers crossed for a beautiful day :)




Wyburns Got Talent


Wyburns got Talent auditions will be held on Friday 20th March in the afternoon. Children may choose to dance, sing or even become a magican! Children will have the opportunity to perform to their class - a selected few will then be able to show their talent to the whole school on Friday 27th March. Get practising Class 8!

Full of Brilliance!! Well Done Class 8! You won the BB cup!!

Chris and Sue Govus

As some of you may know, Chris and Sue are a much loved Christian couple who have been hosting assemblies for over 25 years!

Their passion and love of life is infectious; with exciting songs and clear messages it is no wonder the children enjoy their assemblies.

Unfortunately, Chris and Sue are retiring. As a thank you Wyburns will be composing a Good Luck book, where each class will be writing messages to say ‘Thank You’. The couple have been hosting assemblies for many years, with many parents remembering them when they were in school. If you would like to contribute to our Wyburns Book please pass messages to your class teacher no later than Tuesday 10th March.

Many Thanks

Miss Beasley



Senses Investigation!


Yesterday, we investigated our senses. We tested our listening, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting skills! To be successful in this activity we needed to make sure we did not look.


The children smelt different smells and guessed what they were. The children thought it was very funny that they were smelling raw onion, vinegar and gravy! It was safe to say we had a very smelly classroom.


Afterwards, the children blind folded their friends. Their friend needed to guess where they were in the classroom - lots more giggles occurred when the children realised they were completely wrong!


Finally, the children closed their eyes, they were handed with a breadstick and had to guess what they were eating. Conveniently, most of the children prediction was accurate!


Special Object

Next week our focus for Religious Education is "Special Objects."

It would be fantastic if the children could bring in a object that is special to them on Thursday 12th March.

Please do not bring anything that is too valuable, a small object or even a photograph would be great! I look forward to sharing my special object with the children.


Silly Poems!

This week we have been exploring silly, funny poems.  The children have loved creating their own poem, they got the opportunity to perform their poems in front of the class.

We also had a very special visitor from the PDSA. This links into our new theme for this half term. "All Creatures Big and Small." The children learned how to look after animals and loved listening to Amy the Vet stories.


Try practising The Ning Nang Rap

On the Ning Nang Nong

Where the Cows go Bong!

and the monkeys all say BOO!

There's a Nong Nang Ning

Where the trees go Ping!

And the tea pots jibber jabber joo.

On the Nong Ning Nang

All the mice go Clang

And you just can't catch 'em when they do!

So its Ning Nang Nong

Cows go Bong!

Nong Nang Ning

Trees go ping

Nong Ning Nang

The mice go Clang

What a noisy place to belong

is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!!


I'm A Parent Get Me Out Of Here!!


We are  delighted to inviting all parents/carers to come along to Coffee Morning in the school hall on

Tuesday 10th March 9-10am


We will be joined by   
Richard Westerman an Educational Psychologist who will give a presentation about Childhood Development.


Click on our poster for more information.



Feel Good Friday


What an adventure! Mrs Sansom hosted an emergency assembly this morning. Angrily, she informed us she had woken up early by Mr Donohoe. Mr Donohoe had been told that there was a disturbance in the school at 4 o' clock in the morning! We needed to investigate!

Walking on the field, we found three gigantic footprints and a huge birds nest.

The children was very excited!

After investigating the field, we were able to question Mrs Sansom, Mrs Mitchell and Mr Donohoe. We shared our ideas and wrote a fantastic newspaper report on - ready to share with others. The children were full of BRILLIANCE!


Thank you Class 8 for your amazing 500 word stories and your aboriginal art. The 3D ones were fantastic! A huge thank you and well done.

I hope you all have a very safe and relaxing half term.

I look forward to some brilliance when we get back. :)


Safer Internet Day – Let’s create a safer internet together.


Today is Internet Safety Day!

This afternoon we learnt how to be safe on the internet. We looked at different things we may do on the internet and explained what was safe and what is unsafe.

We create three captions that helped us to keep safe:

  • Ask an adult
  • Think before we click
  • Don't share personal information

 We created brilliant actions to help us remember!

We also shared a Key Stage One smile to encourage a safer internet!  

Habitat Hunting!



In science we have been learning about animals. The children have been very busy, classifying the animals in accordance to what they eat and what they need to survive.

Unfortunately, the pond was very wet so we decided to go on a habitat hunt! We walked into the forest, looked under rocks, logs and leaves. The children loved exploring and the things they found were um... interesting!