Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!


and forest. Buzz’s and his body are fuzzy and buzzy and cool Mr honey loves to listen to rock and roll music.

After that the super star amazing , exciting rock and roll bee was listening to his favourite chune happily nut sadly the bee broke his wing because he didn’t see the brown, thick tree.

After wards a sparkly, beautiful fairy appears so bright that she was like the sun. She apeard because she new the bee had broke his wing but the fairy fixed the bee’s wing really good. It was perfect. The bee felt happy.




One sunny morning the BFG was in a clean shiny kitchen. The BFG loved his beautiful kitchen. There was a hot cooker could the BFG. The BFG he is enormous as them smelly snozzcumbers .The BFG IS tall as wall. He popped his suction boots on and climmed up the wall. Then the BFG slowly put his suction boots on. Then he quickly fell down he hurt his ears. Finally he landed on the sofa. He had some snozzcumber and frobscottle. In the end it made him fill better.





Once upon a time there was a large lovely garden and in that garden was the BFG. He bought some bright colourful suction boots and he absolutely loved them. He was here there everywhere. The BFG was happily cleverly climbing the colourful lovely walls but and then OH NO! The BFG clumsily sacredly falls. After that the BFG went inside and to be fare he looked really sad and anxious what’s wrong now? I’ve broke my lovely joyful suction boots OH poor you! The BFG called a shoe repairer and he quickly came what’s wrong with your shoes today the shoe repairer said. Then he fixed them and went home. Next he could climb the colourful lovely walls. After that he went to bed ZZZZZZZ!