Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!



At Wyburns, we believe that Religious Education (RE) is an integral part of the curriculum. Living in a culturally diverse world brings a wealth of benefits, and by learning about different religions we believe that children can become more knowledgeable and accepting of differences. The teaching of RE is not about telling children what they should believe in, or even that they have to believe in anything at all; it is about the learning of cultures and respecting different viewpoints. Children should be encouraged to ask questions about religion, celebrate the differences between them and reflect on the common themes and values. We want the children not only to learn about different religions through teaching, but also through visits from outside speakers and faith leaders.

By the time children leave Wyburns, they have learnt the core themes and fundamental values of the world’s six major religions; Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism. They go onto secondary school with a cultural awareness and enthusiasm to continue their learning.



  • Visits to different places of worship throughout their time at school.
  • Availability of religious texts which are allowed to be reproduced for the purpose of education.
  • Guest speakers and faith leaders from different religions coming into school to deliver talks.
  • We are lucky enough to have a range of resources and artefacts for children to experience; inspiring learning.
  • An hour of RE is taught in school every week- either directly or cross curricular.
  • Lessons are a mixture of focussed writing sessions and interactive activities.
  • Lessons are appropriately differentiated by teachers so that all children are exposed to the different religions.
  • Classrooms are encouraged to be safe spaces in which children can ask questions and share opinions.
  • Children are encouraged to share their beliefs and how religions are similar/different to their own if they feel comfortable to do so.
  • Videos, photographs and other visual aids are used in lessons to support learners’ understandings.
  • Collective worship takes place in the form of prayer.



Through the teaching of RE, our aim is that children have an understanding of the different religions and that it is okay to have different values and beliefs, and that these should be celebrated. Throughout their schooling, all children will be given a broad understanding of the main religions through the implementation of a variety of teaching methods; all learners are engaged. Lessons at Wyburns are planned to enthuse and meet the needs of all pupils.

Teacher assessment takes place on a termly basis, and learners who need extra help are identified and supported. This enables children to leave school having been provided with as much knowledge as we can provide them with, ready for the differences they will experience in the wider world.