Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!



Whizz, pop, BANG! Our intent is that our Science curriculum is driven by our Science Principles- that Science at Wyburns is personal, purposeful and brilliant. Our young scientists will develop their scientific enquiry and investigative skills through questioning the world around them as well as increasing their scientific vocabulary and subject knowledge. Our Science curriculum will set up budding scientists for life through promoting respect, curiosity for their world and thinking beyond their existence. We aim to have practical, hands-on and memorable experiences for our children.


We have a progressive Science Policy ensuring correct coverage of The National Curriculum. The EYFS team work towards the Early Learning goal- ‘Understanding the World’ which includes bundles of scientific investigation and thinking.

Science is taught once a week for up to two hours. This is flexible to suit our topics so lessons can be blocked together and run cross-curricular.

We have mixed year groups in Key Stage 2 allowing the children to follow a two-year rolling programme to ensure consistent coverage.

Children at Wyburns have a range of scientific equipment which they can use during their investigations. These are self-selected during lessons.

We encourage visits from outside professionals such a Mad Science and The Ford Engineer Programme to link scientific learning to the real world.

We have a yearly Science Week which follows the British Science Association’s investigations and topics. This is a week to ensure a deeper understanding of scientific skills aside from the science topic already being taught. Parents are invited in during these weeks to share investigations with their children. We mix this up year on year to keep science exciting.

Teachers are trained by the Science Lead to ensure lessons are promoting scientific skills correctly.

Teachers promote thinking skills and questioning throughout their teaching to promote scientific enquiry. Teachers also use ‘Explorify’- a website used to promote questioning and thinking skills through pictures.

Two children are selected from each class to become Eco Warriors. This group steers our eco mission from recycling to reducing emissions outside of school.

The children can take part in a Gardening club in the Spring/Summer Term and they focus on growing vegetables for our school kitchen.

Each classroom has a Science Working Wall for the children to refer to.

Children develop their enquiry skills such as observing, measuring, predicting, hypothesising, experimenting, communicating, interpreting, explaining and evaluating. Children also access all investigation types each year such as pattern seeking, fair-testing, research, identifying and classifying and observing over time. The Science Lead monitors these termly alongside the teachers to ensure coverage.

Teachers have regular training to up skill their scientific skills, the science lead is also available to talk through aspects of subject knowledge and planning. We are developing children’s thinking skills and understanding different investigation types.

We ensure that science investigations involve cross-curricular writing elements. However, we are keen that we focus on one part of an investigation, as talk for science is valued in our school.

We teach our science lessons as thematically as possible to ensure a deeper coverage of content.


A fun, engaging science curriculum led by the interests of our pupils and their curiosity about the world; we are all scientists and a career in science is possible. There are new things to be invented!  Our science books are full of Science that is personal, purposeful and brilliant. We have achieved The Green Flag recognition for our outstanding Eco work.