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Autumn 1 - Week 5



Class Africa have been working their socks off this week! Now that we have finished working on acrostic poetry (for now!) we have really been immersing ourselves in the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. Make sure to check out our own version that we filmed. You can find it on the previous page with its own button.

Yes - It's that imporant!

Our mathematical journey took us to problem solving with comparing numbers before moving onto...


Ordering objects...

And then outside for ordering numbers. We loved getting out and using the chalk!

We then moved onto ordering numbers in our books! We have loved our work on place value and look forward to applying our knowledge in the other units of maths that are coming up this term and beyond!


We have also completed more work on our topic - Adventure Awaits! In our history, we have been looking at key adventurers from the past and what they discovered whilst exploring. We looked at Christopher Columbus, Robert Falcon Scott and even Neil Armstrong.


Check out us retelling the story of the moon landing - I think you'll agree, our learning is out of this world!

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