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Class blog

Once again the week has flown by and we are nearing the end of the half-term - ALREADY!!

After the tiring week of SATs, the children are getting back into the swing of classroom normality.


We have been learning about plant reproduction this week and have been looking at the different parts of a flowering plant. As well as planting our own cutting that shows asexual reproduction.

We have been looking at some spooky and exciting writing which the children are really enjoying. They are working hard now towards their writing SAT level. They are pleased to write creatively and are really enjoying this topic.

We have been loving to go and work with Acorns each week. Last week we made and ate jam and scones from scratch and this week we are going to paint a picture of the Houses of Parliament. Located in our Captial city - London!

Another final busy week to come

Then the half term!

Miss Welsh